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Make Your Shirts Your Own

Make Your Shirts Your Own with Custom Screen Printed Labels

When we talk screen printing, it’s easy to picture full-size, multicolor designs printed across the front or back of a t-shirt. But that’s not the only place you can show off your work! Whether you’ve got your own clothing brand or you’re printing shirts for a customer’s label, creating custom tags can be a cool way to add a professional look to your products.

How Your Screen Printing Shop Can Benefit

How Your Screen Printing Shop Can Benefit from Equipment Financing

As your screen printing business grows, you will inevitably be faced with the decision to take on financing or pay out of pocket with cash to help your business move forward. Your business can use financing to purchase a bigger operating space, fund a big project or purchase new equipment. Before you make a decision […]

Turning Your Screen Printing Hobby into a Business

Turning Your Screen Printing Hobby into a Business

Screen printing makes an excellent hobby. If you’re creatively inclined, making a design and reproducing it on a shirt can be a very satisfying feeling. It’s even better when you share your work with friends and family! After awhile, you may find yourself wanting to spread your designs to an even wider audience.

Which Type of Pallet

Which Type of Pallet Adhesive Should You Use?

To get a crisp, clear screen print, you need to make sure your substrate will stay in place each time the squeegee strokes across the screen. That means using a pallet adhesive to hold your print materials in place.

Choosing the Best Location

Choosing the Best Location for Your Screen Printing Shop, Part 2

The right location for your screen printing business can largely determine your success. In addition to sending potential clients a message about your business and what it does, your location affects your ability to create screen printed products easily, efficiently and well. The wrong location can interfere with your production and your final project, causing […]

Choosing the Best Location for Your Screen Printing Shop, Part 1

Choosing the Best Location for Your Screen Printing Shop, Part 1

Every business — including screen printing businesses — requires a space to get up and running. The location you choose for your business will, in part, determine the success of your business. That’s why we have chosen to devote our next two blogs to choosing the right location for your screen printing business. Whether you’re looking […]

Make Your Screen Printing Business Stand

Make Your Screen Printing Business Stand Out from the Competition

Just like most other types of businesses, the field of screen printing is rife with competition. To succeed, you need to attract and retain customers. But how can you do that when other screen printing shops are offering similar services?

Finding the Right Technique for Quality

Finding the Right Technique for Quality Manual Screen Prints

In the world of screen printing, a hot debate surrounds technique: Should you push or pull your squeegees on your manual screen printing machine? Some printers will argue that the best technique for manual screen printing is to pull your squeegee down the screen toward you in the traditional screen printing manner, while others will argue that pushing the squeegee away from your body is best.

Achieving High Quality Screen

Achieving High Quality Screen Prints on Lightweight Garments

Some garments are more delicate than others and require special care when screen printing to get a quality result. Summer’s here, and for screen printers, summer usually means more orders of lightweight garments. Whether it’s requests for sports-weight shirts and tanks for charity runs, fashionable burnout shirts or just lighter weight cotton, lightweight materials are […]

How to Mix Inks

How to Mix Inks for Successful Screen Printing

A high quality screen printing run depends on ink with the right color and the right consistency. Here are some tips for achieving that! Mixing inks can be one of the most stressful parts of screen printing. It involves trying to get the right ink color, texture and final effect. You can reduce the stress […]

Tips for Reducing Downtime

Tips for Reducing Downtime at Your Screen Printing Shop

Despite your best efforts, a little downtime now and then is inevitable at your shop. Here are some ways you can keep it to a minimum! If your presses aren’t running, your screen printing shop isn’t making money. Whether from machine malfunctions or problems with a print job, downtime happens in a print shop. By […]

7 More Best Practices

7 More Best Practices for Ensuring High Quality Screen Prints

Keeping your customers happy depends on high quality prints – here are some ways to achieve them! Every screen printing shop has the goal of producing quality prints with as few misprints as possible. Achieving that goal not only means honing your skills as a printer, but also following some industry best practices to avoid problems […]

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