Cooling Fan


Cooling fan module for Anatol automatic presses

With Anatol’s Cooling Fan module, you can set up a cooling station on your automatic press to cool prints after flashing and prevent hot ink from sticking in your screens. The Cooling Fan module mounts in the print carriage of an Anatol VOLT, Vector or Titan automatic screen printing press. The module travels back and forth over the substrate, with the speed and number of passes controlled directly from the press’s touchscreen. The length of movement, angle and height of the Cooling Fan module is adjustable in exactly the same way as a squeegee or flood bar, for maximum versatility and ease of use.

The Cooling Fan consists of a housing in which 4 fans are installed with a total electrical capacity of 30.8 W (110V network) or 61.6 W (220V network), as well as a power supply unit that mounts on the front of the print head.

  • Quickly and easily mounts in the print carriage of an Anatol VOLT, Vector or Titan automatic press
  • Make tool-less adjustments exactly as you would adjust a squeegee or flood bar
  • The independent power supply is attached to the fan housing with a hard cable.
  • The Cooling Fan is powered by a 110V or 220V power supply.
  • The device’s maximum power is 62W.
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