Screen Printing Equipment

Understanding Our Screen Printing Equipment

It can be challenging trying to comprehend screen printing equipment terms, features and how the equipment actually operates. Even for the screen printing veteran, new technology brings new terminology. Each screen printing manufacturer has their own way of describing their equipment and then it’s up to you to figure out if that description is what you’re looking for in your next screen printing equipment purchase.

The below “cheat sheet” will assist you in researching our screen printing equipment options. If there is anything else you need to know and are not ready to speak with a sales representative, simply give our customer service team a call and they’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

Screen printing presses have three types of “movement” in their operation: 

  • Indexing—the pallets rotating around the base
  • Lift—the pallets raising to the head
  • Head—the head releases ink and the squeegee pushes it through the screen

A = Air      S = Servo      E = Electric 

What causes those movements (air, electricity, manpower, etc.) is what makes the difference in the price and quality of the screen printing equipment. 

Manual Screen Printing Equipment

Screen printing press movements include only lift and heads, no indexing. These movements are performed by the screen printing operator manually with no motor. 

Pneumatic Automatic Screen Printing Equipment

Compressed air moves all of the parts. This screen printing equipment requires a compressor and chiller in addition to the press, and requires a multitude of air hoses and valves, which are prone to breaking. 

Remember, when something on the screen printing equipment needs repair you not only lose money on repair costs, but also profits due to downtime.

ASA Screen Printing Equipment 

Lift and heads are pneumatic, while an electric (servo) motor handles the indexing. The electric motor is stronger and more reliable, often outlasts the machine, and lets the operator program the indexing. A compressor and chiller are still needed.

ASE Screen Printing Equipment

Servo motor handles indexing and lifts are electric, while the heads are pneumatic. A compressor and chiller are still needed.

All-Electric Screen Printing Equipment 

Electric head and lifts, with a servo motor for the indexing. No extras needed, most durable and takes up the least space. 

In the industry, people tend to call any press that has electric heads and a servo motor an “electric press” or “all-electric press,” but that’s simply not true. There is one other all-electric screen printing press on the market. But the VOLT is the only truly all-electric and professional grade industrial strength screen printing press.

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