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October 11th, 2018

When was the last time you updated your screen printing business’s website? Best practices used to dictate that a website required an overhaul once every three to four years, but now experts are recommending annual website updates. And that doesn’t count refreshing your website with new and relevant content, which you should be doing on a regular basis.

We know that updating your website takes time and, if you contract the work out, money. When you’re running the day-to-day operations of your screen printing business and putting in the work to recruit and maintain customers, it can be difficult to find the time to worry about your website, especially if it’s up and running and seems to be doing an adequate job. Taking the time to update your website is well worthwhile. Here’s why it’s so important to keep your website up to date.

Impressions matter

The majority of your customers find their way to your website. If your website’s not updated, you’re not making a great impression on your customers or potential customers. Your website should reflect your business, and if your website looks outdated, features old coupons or promotions, or is disorganized and hard to navigate, your customers won’t see your business as organized, capable and ideal for handling their projects.

New content improves your search engine rankings

Because many customers come to a business via their website, you want to be sure that your website is on top when someone searches for a screen printing business in your area or in your niche. Regularly refreshed websites receive favorable rankings from search engines, making your website more visible to more people. On top of that, when you regularly refresh your content, you can focus on incorporating an SEO strategy that utilizes the words and phrases that those seeking your business would be likely to search for.

Refreshed content gives visitors a reason to come back

Ninety-two percent of customers don’t visit a website with the intent of making a purchase. That means if you want to use your website to lock in customers, you need to give them a reason to return to your website. A regularly updated website can do just that. Think of updating your websites in ways that will provide value to your potential customers. Blogs that present topics that concern your customers or that suggest products that are likely to meet your customers’ needs, refreshed photos of product possibilities or regular specials give visitors a reason to return to your website again and again.

Knowing your website helps you know your customers

Every time a customer clicks on a link, stops to read a page or closes out your site, they are providing you with valuable information about your website and about your business. Taking the time to study your website analytics can help you pinpoint the products and services your customers are most interested in and the type of content they find most valuable. Using that data, you can tailor your website and your business to meet your customers’ needs and drive sales.

Keep your website safe

Outdated website software leaves your website susceptible to cyber attacks. By regularly refreshing your website, you will be able to stay on top of any security patches or upgrades that are recommended for your content management system. You also will be able to incorporate any new technologies that are recommended for securing you website.

These days, your website is by far your best marketing tool, but if your website is outdated, it can be working against you. Have a schedule for reviewing and updating your website so you’re staying up-to-date in how you appeal to your existing customers and attract new ones.

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