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Screen Printing Prevention

Screen Printing Prevention: Keeping Plastisol Inks from Washing out of Garments

It’s a scenario straight from a screen printer’s worst nightmare: You send a full order of high-quality, crisp t-shirts out the door. Days pass or even weeks, and suddenly you have an unhappy customer demanding to return the order because your perfectly laid prints are now washing out of the garments.

Why Your Screen Printing Shop

Why Your Screen Printing Shop Needs a Well-Crafted Business Plan

A carefully thought out business plan will help guide your shop toward success – here are some tips for writing one! Whether you are in the beginning stages of exploring opening your own screen printing shop or you are a seasoned screen printer whose business has been operating for years, you need a well-crafted business […]

Tips for Offering Promotional Umbrellas

Tips for Offering Promotional Umbrellas at Your Screen Printing Shop

Want to add an attractive new product to your lineup of screen printed offerings? Consider decorating umbrellas! Like most screen printing shops, your business thrives on custom t-shirt prints. You’ve embraced sweatshirts,  caps and even jackets as a way to cross sell existing customers and attract new customers. You’re looking for new products to appeal to customers so you can […]

Keeping Tight Registration with Precise Off-Contact

Keeping Tight Registration with Precise Off-Contact

When it comes to presenting your customers with a finished product, you want to provide clean, crisp prints that accurately reflect their original designs. A lot goes into producing a quality print, but even if you have a top-of-the-line screen printing machine, the best inks and the perfect screens, you’re going to have a hard time keeping tight registration if you’re not accurately adjusting your off-contact for each job.

Preparing Your Screen Printing Screens for Sharp Stencils

Preparing Your Screen Printing Screens for Sharp Stencils

The best screen printing results always begin with well-executed pre-press. It’s easy to think of your screen printing press as the backbone of your operation. But remember, a press can only deliver quality prints if it’s printing through quality screens. Your screens deserve as much attention as any other part of your setup, because no […]

Screen Printing vs Pad Printing

Screen Printing vs Pad Printing: Which is Right for Your Project?

Different jobs are suited to different printing methods – is screen printing or pad printing more suitable for your project? Screen printing is probably the most well-known process for imprinting logos and custom designs on everything from t-shirts and sports shirts to promotional coffee mugs. There’s another option for laying down ink for custom designs: […]

5 Tips for Creating Eye-Popping

5 Tips for Creating Eye-Popping Screen Prints with High Density Ink

Looking for creative ways to break free from traditional screen prints? Give HD printing a try! High density screen printing can make any logoed or artistic print standout. Available in plastisol, gel and even water-based varieties, high density inks are laid down in a thick layer, and they cure with crisp, sharp edges to create […]

Decorating Outerwear

Decorating Outerwear: How to Achieve Sharp Screen Prints on Jackets

Offering customized jackets is a benefit to screen printers, but printing them has some challenges to consider! Jackets provide great opportunity for screen printers. Jackets are a popular choice to complete a work uniform, and fall, winter and spring sports teams love to have coordinating jackets to wear on the road and on the sidelines. […]

How to Streamline Your Screen Printing

How to Streamline Your Screen Printing Artwork Production

Creating and manipulating art can be one of the most time consuming parts of a screen printer’s day. Here’s how to make it easier! Where do you see a slowdown in your production process? If work isn’t flowing quickly through your screen printing shop, your business is losing time and money. While many screen printing […]

Up with Your Screen Printing Shop's Customer

How to Keep Up with Your Screen Printing Shop’s Customer Demand

Every print shop longs for a full schedule that keeps the presses running and revenue flowing. Keeping that full schedule isn’t only about hustling to find new customers and generate orders. A busy shop also requires efficiency to keep up with customer demand and keep production rolling.

Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout: Tips to Help Screen Printers Find a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When you’re running a screen printing shop, especially if you are running your own business, it can be easy to devote all of your waking hours to your business. There’s a never ending list of tasks and a constant temptation to stay late to finish the project your working on so you can move on […]

Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales! Strategies to Help You Sell More Screen Prints

Want to jumpstart the sales of your screen prints? Check out these tips! Keeping your screen printing business growing means increasing your sales month over month and year after year. When you’re building a strategy for increasing sales, it can seem overwhelming. Focusing on one product line can help you to grow your sales in […]

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