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In 1982, Anatol Topolewski founded Anatol Automation Incorporated as a company specializing in high-speed automated assembly systems.

In 2003, Anatol Automation changed course to focus exclusively on screen printing equipment and became Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co. We’ve made great strides in the development of screen printing equipment since our first automatic screen printing press, the Vindicator.

In 2014 Anatol introduces the all-electric VOLT automatic screen printing press, the industry’s first widely-produced, industrial-grade all-electric press.

We currently hold patents for a number of advancements that make our screen printing machines some of the safest and most user-friendly on the market. Today, Anatol Equipment continues to push the boundaries of screen printing technology with products like our VOLT professional-grade electric automatic press.

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our professional sales managers. Who could get you the best practice of the purchasing.

Advanced Engineering and Technology

Anatol screen printing machines are currently helping printers produce high quality work with speed, efficiency and reliability.

Our team of engineers are able to provide unprecedented high quality machines with custom configurations that will satisfy any customer’s specific needs.

Screen Printers Put Their Trust in ANATOL Equipment

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Give us a call and let’s connect the good old fashioned way. We know that you want to be greeted by someone who listens, understands your issue and responds quickly. And that’s something we’re really good at.

Contact us during business hours as we’re here to help. We’re great at problem solving and work hard to save you money any way we can, starting with free Skype and FaceTime calls.

On the rare occasions when a technician is needed onsite, Anatol team engineers are in close communication to assist when issues arise, ensuring you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

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