Screen Printing Accessories

Anatol offers a range of screen printing accessories, including pallets, squeegees, flood bars and flocking systems to keep your shop running smoothly and able to meet whatever printing challenges come your way. Screen printing takes more than a good press and a creative printer. Quality squeegees, flood bars and other ancillary screen printing equipment are also key to producing high quality prints. Like all Anatol screen printing equipment, our accessories are fully customizable. Just call and tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

Want to know more about screen printing accesories?

Our screen printing squeegees and flood bars are available in a wide variety of sizes and options and are built for durability to handle high volume printing. Anatol’s selection of screen printing pallets are made from premium-grade aluminum with rubber coating for strength and heat resistance, and options are available to accommodate many different types of specialty applications, like jacket, sleeve and umbrella printing, oversized screen printing, and more. Our flocking system gives you the ability to add a unique textured look to your screen prints, and can integrate with most of our automatic screen printing presses for easy operation. If you’re looking to take on specialty print jobs or add to your inventory of standard accessories, Anatol has the equipment you need.

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