Solutions Electric Dryer


The Energy Efficient and Affordable Dryer Solution.

Available in four basic models in configurations of:
24” belt width/4’ heat – 60” belt width/10’ heat

When gas is not an option, Anatol electric screen printing conveyor dryers are the perfect Solution. The Solutions Series dryers are ideal for t-shirt and textile printers looking for an efficient and affordable curing unit. They feature more ceramic heating panels than similar dryers for even heat throughout the chamber. The Solutions dryers feature the same double-wall construction as Anatol’s gas dryers, re-enforced with high-efficiency thermal insulation. Solutions Series electric dryers offer programmable temperature controls with automatic cool-down. Solutions electric dryers are available in six configurations, with four basic models, from 24” belts with 4’ of heat up to 60” belts with 10’ of heat.

Control Panel
  • Digital control panel
  • Solid-state variable belt speed control, set in ft/min or meters/min
  • Programmable temperature controller (accuracy: +/- 1º)
  • Automatic controlled start up and cool down mode
  • Reversible belt direction
Heating System
  • 12-48 ceramic heating elements
  • Adjustable heat panels (raise or lower)
  • Industrial grade AC motor
  • Double wall insulation with galvanized interior
  • Heavy-duty multi-section construction
  • Air-cooled control cabinet
  • Stainless steel slide out filters (larger models only)
  • Adjustable infeed/outfeed openings
  • Teflon-coated fiberglass belt
  • Heavy-duty conveyor rollers
    • Infeed/outfeed exhaust hoods
    • Custom infeed/outfeed extensions

Allow you to run a press on each side of the infeed belt.

    • Outfeed cooling fan

Cools garments more quickly and ensures ink is cured before it’s removed from the belt.

    • Single phase

Accommodates facilities with single phase power requirements.

Model #Belt WidthOven LengthOverall LengthStandard Infeed/Outfeed LengthWattagePieces per HR.Ceramic ElementsElectrical RequirementsExhaust Duct Size
SED-2404A-585024″4′0″9′0″5′0″5850  W120-20091 Ph, 208-230 V, 5.85 kW, 29A, 50/60Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 5.85 kW, 17A 50/60 Hz
61cm122cm 274cm150cm10cm
SED-2404S-780024″4′0″9′0″5′0″7800 W150-250121 Ph, 208-230 V, 7.8 kW, 38A, 50/60Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 7.8 kW, 23A 50/60 Hz
61cm122cm 274cm150cm10cm
SED-3606A-1560036″6′0″11′0″5′0″15600 W 400-600241 Ph, 208-230 V, 15.6 kW, 76A, 50/60 Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 15.6 kW, 43A 50/60 Hz
 92cm 183cm 360cm 150cm10cm
SED-3610A-2340036″9′6″19′6″10′0″23400 W550-800363 Ph, 208-230 V, 23.4 kW, 66A 50/60 Hz4″
92cm290cm 615cm300cm10cm
SED-4810A-2600048″9′6″19′6″10′0″26000 W700-950403 Ph, 208-230 V, 27.3 kW, 77A 50/60 Hz6″
122cm290cm 590cm300cm15cm
SED-6010A-3120060″9′6″19′6″10′0″31200 W900-1200483 Ph, 208-230 V, 35.1 kW, 98A 50/60 Hz6″
152cm290cm 590cm300cm15cm
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Equipment Certification

European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) compliant: built to specifications established by both CE and UL

All equipment shipped to Canada is Approved under the Special Inspection Program per SPE-1000

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