Vulcan Gas Dryer


Split-air system saves on gas consumption by as much as 25%.

Available in six configurations
36″ belt width/6′ heat up to 48″ belt width/10’ heat

The Anatol Vulcan gas conveyor dryers are the choice of textile printers who need efficiency and versatility. The Vulcan is designed to cure a variety of substrates created through screen printing, digital printing, and other printing methods. The re-circulated air system draws moisture out of fabrics for fast curing. The air flow on the exhaust fan can be adjusted within a range of 100-600 SCFM for improved air circulation. Anatol’s exclusive split-air delivery system reduces gas consumption by up to 25% over other major brands. The Vulcan’s heat profile extends across the entire length of the heat chamber, eliminating the need for infrared boosting panels. Anatol’s Chill Case design uses forced air to keep heat inside the conveyor dryer and maintain a cool exterior. Vulcan gas dryers are available in six standard models.

Touchscreen Controls
  • 7” touchscreen
  • Program alarm list, service data and dryer settings
  • Job recall stores up to 8 temperature and belt speed settings
  • Set automatic dryer shut down for cool down
  • Displays belt speed and heat chamber temperature
  • Fuzzy-logic digital controller ensures temperature within 1° of target temperature
Heating System
  • Solid-state gas system
  • Maximum temperature 450ºF
  • Compatible with natural or LP gas
  • Exhaust dryer with air flow adjustment range from 100-600 SCFM, allows for maximum exhaust gas control
  • Double-wall construction with high-efficiency thermal insulation
  • Chill Case air-cooled construction to keep heat in the chamber
  • Stainless steel slide-out filters
  • Energy efficient heat exchange for incoming ambient air
  • Air-cooled control cabinet
  • Exclusive Anatol split-air delivery system saves gas
  • Solid state AC conveyor drive control
  • Exhaust hoods for the ends of the dryers
  • Removable access panels for cleaning and maintenance
  • Wide Teflon-coated fiberglass belt
  • Heavy-duty conveyor rollers
  • Adjustable infeed/outfeed openings
    • Custom infeed/outfeed extensions

Allows you to operate a press on each side of the infeed belt.

    • Outfeed cooling fan

Cools garments more quickly and ensures ink is cured before it’s removed from the belt.

    • LP gas conversion at the time of order.
    • Single phase

Accommodates facilities with single phase power requirements.

Model #Belt Width Heat ChamberOverall LengthStandard Infeed/
Outfeed Length
Nominal Gas
Input Pressure
Electrical RequirementsMaximum Burner Capacity
VUL-36-0636″6′0″15′0″8′0″6″ W.C.

1 Ph, 208-230V, 3.57 kW, 18 A, 50/60 Hz

3 Ph, 208-230V, 3.57 kW, 10 A, 50/60 Hz

280,000 BTU
92cm183cm454cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-36-8.536″8′6″17′6″8′0″6″ W.C.
92cm259cm530cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-36-1036″10′0″19′0″8′0″6″ W.C.
92cm305cm576cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-48-0648″6′0″15′0″8′0″6″ W.C.
122cm183cm454cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-48-8.548″8′6″17′6″8′0″6″ W.C.
122cm259cm530cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-48-1048″10′0″19′0″8′0″6″ W.C.
122cm305cm576cm240cm15cm W.C.
VUL-48-12 48″12′0″23′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
122cm366cm696cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-48-16 48″16′0″27′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
122cm488cm818cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-60-1060″10′0″21′0″10′0″6″ W.C.

1 Ph, 208-230V, 3.57 kW, 18 A, 50/60 Hz

3 Ph, 208-230V, 3.57 kW, 10 A, 50/60 Hz

280,000 BTU
152cm366cm635cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-60-1260″12′0″23′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
152cm366cm696cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-60-1660″16′0″27′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
152cm488cm818cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-60-2060″20′0″31′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
152cm609cm939cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-72-1072″10′0″21′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
182cm305cm576cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-72-1272″12′0″23′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
182cm366cm696cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-72-1672″16′0″27′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
182cm488cm818cm300cm15cm W.C.
VUL-72-2072″20′0″31′0″10′0″6″ W.C.
182cm609cm939cm300cm15cm W.C.

Equipment Certification

European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) compliant: built to specifications established by both CE and UL

All equipment shipped to Canada is Approved under the Special Inspection Program per SPE-1000

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