Aurora UV LED Exposure Unit

Shorten your setup time and lower your energy costs.

Available in four models, with a screen frame size of: 23″ x 33″ or 26” x 36” (for single screens) or 26″ x 43″ or 52″ x 36″ (exposes two screens at the same time).

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The Aurora UV LED exposure unit exposes screens quickly, evenly and efficiently. It exposes screens in seconds while giving you sharp detail and high resolution half-tones, with even exposure across the whole screen. Featuring long-lasting LEDs designed to last 50,000 hours, the Aurora UV LED exposure unit requires no startup or cool down time, keeps temperatures low and is less expensive to maintain than metal halide units. Let the Aurora shorten your setup times and lower your energy costs today. This exposure unit is designed for one-touch operation, from the 7.5” touchscreen controls and ability to save and recall up to 8 job settings, to the flip-latch blanket locks. The Aurora exposure unit is available with a maximum screen size of 23″ x 33″ or 26” x 36” (for single screens), or 46″x33″ or 52″x36″ (exposes two screens at the same time).

Standard features

Touchscreen Controls
  • 7.5” touchscreen with Aries operating system
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Expose screens in Automatic mode or Manual mode
  • Adjustable settings for vacuum delay and exposure times
  • Program and save up to 8 settings
Light Source
  • Long life expectancy of LEDs: 50,000 hours
  • Broad light spectrum (390-405)
  • Safe lights to facilitate proper alignment of artwork
Exposure Area
  • Four maximum screen frame size options:
  • 23″ x 33″
  • 26″ x 36″
  • 46″ x 33″ (for two screens)
  • 52″ x 36″ (for two screens)
Blanket and Vacuum
  • Neoprene rubber creates a tight blanket-to-screen seal for the best emulsion-to-film-to-glass contact
  • Flip-latch on frame allows one-handed operation of opening and closing the vacuum blanket
  • 1/4” optically clear plate glass
  • Air filtration system in light cabinet to keep glass and lights clean
  • Durable heavy-duty all-steel cabinet
  • Removable covers for easy access to interior for cleaning
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready for production
  • Includes Vacuum Pump (140 L/min)
  • Stand included (except 23″ x 33″ model)

Aurora UV LED Exposure Unit Specifications

Model #Vacuum PumpMaximum Screen Frame SizeExposure Unit o.d.
Electrical Requirements
AURORALEDEXP-23X33140 L/min23” x 33”
(58cm x 84cm)
42.5” x 38.6” x 10.2”
(108cm x 98cm x 26cm)
1 Phase, 110V, 6A
1 Phase, 208V/230V, 3A
AURORALEDEXP-26X36140 L/min26” x 36”
(66cm x 91cm)
47.2” x 41.3” x 37.4”
(120cm x 105cm x 95cm)
1 Phase, 110V, 9A
1 Phase, 208V/230V, 5A
AURORALEDEXP-26X43140 L/min x226” x 43”
(66cm x 109cm)
57.1” x 47.2” x 39.4”
(145cm x 120cm x 100cm)
1 Phase, 110V, 15A
1 Phase, 208V/230V, 8A
AURORALEDEXP-52X36140 L/min x252” x 36”
(132cm x 91cm)
66.9″ x 52″ x 39.4″
(170cm x 132cm x 100cm)
1 Phase, 208V/230V, 10A
AURORALEDEXP-50X60140 L/min x250” x 60”
(127cm x 153cm)
80″ x 71,3″ x 39.4″
(203cm x 181cm x 100cm)
3 Phase, 208V, 6.67A
1 Phase, 208V/230V, 11A

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