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We've compiled a list of compiled a list of commonly asked questions our customers ask most frequently.
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Cost and Savings

What kind of savings can I expect if I switch from my current electric dryer to a gas dryer?

Gas is the preferred method for curing inks. If you select a gas dryer over an electric one, you can expect a payback in approximately 3 to 5 years. Many printers find that the extra monthly cost of paying for a gas dryer is covered by their savings over their electric bill.

Will my electric bill increase if I go to an all electric press?

Keep in mind you use electric power to run a compressor with other equipment. With the VOLT you do not have a compressor.

Will a Volt electric press cost me a lot more for my electric bill, than an air driven press?

The Volt uses about 20 amps more than our AC Head / Servo Indexer presses, and 4 to 5 times (eg. 40 vs. 8) more amps than our Air Head / Servo Indexer presses (on single phase systems).

Do you offer financing and leasing?

Anatol Equipment works with leasing companies that can help with both financing and leasing options. Contact our sales management team for available options.

Customer Service

If I have a technical problem with my equipment, who do I contact and how quickly can I expect a response?

Please contact our service department Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT at (847) 582-1825. You can email our service department at as well.

Once I order my equipment, how long will it take before I receive it?

Delivery times vary based on the type of equipment, availability, customization, etc. For equipment we have in stock and that requires no modifications, you can expect delivery in a few weeks.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer three-year limited warranty for the Volt and Infinity equipment and for our other equipment we offer two-year limited warranty-parts and labor are included, the customer is responsible for any travel expenses..

What are the hours of your customer service department?

Our service is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CDT), Monday through Friday. Calls received after 5:00 PM will be returned the next morning. Our service number is (847) 582-1825. You can also email our service department 7 days per week.


Do you offer spare parts?

We have a spare parts inventory in our facility in the US, Europe, and other worldwide locations. We also have a dealership network that offers local customers spare parts. This dealership network includes the US, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Where are the Anatol Equipment Machines assembled?

The final assembly and testing for all Anatol Equipment is done in the US. Under the careful direction of the United States engineering team, the equipment is manufactured in Poland. The installation and quality inspection for all equipment is completed in the US.

Screen Printing

Does your TITAN provide a “step back” function?

Yes, if it is a model equipped with a servo indexer.
For example: you can print on head #1, index right to flash on head #2, and then index back left to another print stroke on head #1.

What are the power requirements for a screen printing business?

There are far too many variables involved, including the type of press. It is best to discuss this with you Anatol Equipment sales management representative.

Do you provide an air compressor and chiller with the order?

Generally customers prefer to find their own equipment supplier for their air compressor and chiller. Our sales management staff will be happy to assist you in locating a supplier.

What is an infrared flash and a quartz flash cure unit?

The infrared flash cure unit is less costly. A quartz flash cure unit, while more costly, offers you several key benefits:

  • there is an instant on and off operation
  • curing is faster
  • you have more control over curing because of the ability to select image area zones
  • they take less space since they are mounted over the print station

What is an oiler, and why do I need one?

An oiler lubricates and protects machine components. It helps prevent moisture and particles (dust / dirt) from damaging the machine. We all know that water / dirt and metal should be kept away from each other. The oil lubricates the parts, preventing corrosion and unwanted friction that may impact press life and operation. As is the case with all maintenance, check the oiler at regular intervals to ensure the appropriate level is maintained.

What are indexers and why do you offer servo indexers?

An indexer tells the press when and where to start, stop, and repeat movement. There are two kinds of indexers – pneumatic and servo. Because of the rigors and demands of modern day screen printing, we offer servo indexing on many of our automatic presses. A servo indexer allows the press to move faster with less vibration, giving the operator the ability to index clockwise or counter-clockwise.

With Anatol Equipment servo indexers you can utilize the step-back feature (for example: print on head #1, index right to flash on head #2, and then index back left to another print stroke on head #1). This feature allows smaller jobs to be completed without the need for a second screen, for certain colors or to require a sufficient under base for polyester type garments.

How are your manual presses different from those of your competitors?

Anatol manufactures professional grade presses for the serious printer. Anatol Equipment offers the Lightning and Thunder manual presses. Both have multiple design features and a base model price that includes all the extras that others charge for or may not have available.

These manual presses offer:

  • Fully functional professional gauge “micro” registration (similar to our automatic presses) with no parts to wear out.
  • Side bar clamps are standard, facilitating press registration and virtually eliminating frame / mesh stress. They fit frames up to 26” X 36”.
  • Since all heads down is standard, you can print multiple heads at the same time. You will be glad you have this feature.
  • Optional quick release or slide style full size (16” X 22”) rubber coated aluminum pallets. This allows for instant pallet location on changeover.
  • Superior rotational weight without any sacrifice in strength. This improves production and reduces operator’s muscle fatigue.
  • “Compression” style adjustable tension springs that do not break.

How can I know when my business is ready for an automatic press?

If your shop has tight deadlines, complex job requirements, and larger production runs — an automatic press provides you with a solution to accept these jobs. With a single operator, an automatic press runs at least 3 to 5 times faster than a manual press. This speed benefit increases with larger job sizes and more complex color jobs. Ten fold increases are common. An automatic press will open up opportunities to take additional jobs without expanding your work space. This will result in better utilization of your personnel, controlling your expenses and increasing your profits.

Should I buy an automatic or a manual press?

An automatic press can typically operate at a speed up to 10 times that of a manual press. So the key benefits of an automatic press include:

  • speed (increased output volume)
  • ease of set up
  • quality of registration
  • potentially reduced labor costs and less operator fatigue

The set up time for both types of presses is similar. However, with a manual you would not have the same power requirements as you would with an automatic press. A manual press would be a consideration for a new start up shop with smaller production runs and limited color requirements.

How many colors can I print on my Anatol Equipment press?

Anatol Equipment offers a full line of screen printing presses, including manual and automatic and our All Electric Automatic Volt. Depending on the model and features of your Anatol Press, you can print from 4 to 20 colors. Discuss your specific requirements with your Anatol Equipment sales management team.

How long will my equipment last?

This is a difficult question to answer since there are many variables involved. The life of a press depends on frequency of usage, number of shifts, and following a proactive maintenance schedule. Equipment has been known to be in service for over a decade printing over 10,000,000 prints.

What type of material can I print on my Anatol Equipment press?

Any textile including cotton, polyester, nylon bamboo fibers, and coated foam rubber.

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