In a previous blog post, we explained why its crucial to keep the website for your screen printing business up to date, as a way to appeal to existing or prospective customers, increase your search engine rankings and keep your website secure. But knowing why it’s important to update your website isn’t the same as doing it. Here are our top 5 ways to keep your website up-to-date and interesting to your customers.

1. Have a schedule for updating your website, and set aside time to do it

As with most nonessential business tasks, the hardest part is finding time to perform them! The best way to ensure that your website stays up-to-date is to set aside a firm time to complete updates. Have a schedule for adding content, whether it’s a new ad, a new blog, new products or new promotions, as well as for checking your website analytics, updates and security. Make the time you need in your schedule to carry out that update schedule.

2. Get creative with content

Blogs are by far the most common way to keep websites fresh. Blogs, when you commit to posting them regularly, are a great way to connect with your audience and keep content fresh, but they are not the only way. Go beyond blogs and get creative with content. Review products your customers might be interested in having their logos or images printed on. Have a “most popular” section where you highlight your current No. 1 sellers. Share stories about how your customers are using your products in the real world. You can even post a poll and ask your customers what kind of content they would find relevant and useful.

3. Invite your customers to share

The best online experiences are ones that are interactive. That means you don’t have to talk at your customers through your website, you can talk with them. More and more businesses have sections of their websites that allow customers to upload pictures or stories to share their experiences. Another way to increase that connectivity is by having your social media feeds streaming on your website so your customers see your social media interactions.

4. Incorporate video

Another way to get creative with your content is with video. It used to be that only cutting-edge businesses and organizations were incorporating video onto their websites; now video has become expected. Video does take some extra time to produce, but more and more audiences are searching for, and reacting to, video content. You can shoot a video of your screen printing process, of the products you print on or of your customer history. With new editing software and great images produced by even the simplest cameras (even phone cameras!), you will be surprised by how easy it is to produce quality videos for your website.

5. Perform regular security checks

Updated content is important, but perhaps more important is updating the backend of your website so your security tools stay functioning. You should be backing up the content on your website regularly and checking for updates for your plugins and web tools. If you’re not familiar with how to do this, you might want to consider working with your web designer or developer on an ongoing basis to help you keep your web security and plugins current.

More than anything, keeping your website updated takes time and commitment. By creating a plan for your website content and security updates and setting firm times to perform those updates — or hiring someone who will — you will benefit from an attractive, up-to-date, secure website that attracts new visitors and keeps clients and potential clients engaged.

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