Prodigy Tag Printer

All-Electric Automatic Tag Press

Automatic Tag printer
Quickly and cost-effectively label garments and promotional products like never before, with all-electric technology.

Maximum print area of 6” x 6”
Available in configurations of:
6 stations/1 color – 10 stations/4 colors

About the PRODIGY

The Prodigy is Anatol’s all-electric automatic tag printer, perfect for small substrates, sleeves, and shirt tags. Capable of printing up to 2000 tags per hour, this tag printer is equipped with dual flashes to provide virtual stacking and packing of finished products. The tag press is controlled via an 7” touchscreen powered by Anatol Equipment’s exclusive Aries operating system. The servo-driven indexer provides a consistent print job every time. The Prodigy is available with up to 10 stations, and prints in 1 to 4 colors, with a maximum image size of 6” x 6”.

PRODIGY Specifications

Stations/Colors Maximum Print area Maximum Screen size Standard Pallet size Height Diameter # Of Quartz Flash Cures
(5” x 6”)
Electrical Requirements
6/1 6" x 6" 12" x 15" 4.75" x 9" 4’ 7" 3’ 9" 2 1ph, 208V, 8A
1ph, 115-120V, 15A
6/2 6" x 6" 12" x 15" 4.75" x 9" 4’ 7" 3’ 9" 2 1ph, 208V, 12A
1ph, 115-120V, 20A
8/3 6" x 6" 12" x 15" 4.75" x 9" 4’ 7" 4’ 3" 3 1ph, 208V, 15A
10/4 6" x 6" 12" x 15" 4.75" x 9" 4’ 7" 4’ 10" 4 1ph, 208V, 18A



Touchscreen Controls

  • 7” touchscreen with Aries operating system
  • Easy to program controls save on set-up time
  • Screen displays print count (dozen) and speed (pcs/hr)
  • Dwell times allow for adjustments to cycling speed and cool-down time

Print Heads

  • Servo-electric print heads
  • Independent flood/print speed controlled
  • Multiple print strokes (1 - 9) per head
  • Quick-release squeegee and flood bar for fast changeover
  • Skip-Shirt sensor automatically detects shirts

Tool-less Adjustment

  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments with single-handed adjustments of 0º-30º, at increments of 5º
  • True three-point micro-registration (front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational movement) available for multicolor models


  • Rubber-coated aluminum pallets
  • Standard 4.75” x 9” pallets included; other pallets available upon request


  • Servo indexer
  • Heavy-duty rolled steel frame supports smooth, high speed production cycles
  • Small footprint accommodates tight spaces
    • Foot pedal for manual cycle mode
    • Lets you control both auto and manual index modes
      • Prodigy 6 Station/1 Color
      • Prodigy 6 Station/2 Color
      • Prodigy 8 Station/3 Color
      • Prodigy 10 Station/4 Color
      • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Equipment Certification

    European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) compliant: built to specifications established by both CE and UL

    All equipment shipped to Canada is Approved under the Special Inspection Program per SPE-1000

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