Comet Light Pro Flash Cure Unit

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  • Quartz lamps heat up and shut down quickly, saving electricity compared to infrared flashes which are always on.
  • Two or three curing zones, depending on the size of the flash.
  • Compatible with Anatol manual and automatic presses, as well as other manufacturers’ presses.
  • Smooth and easily adjustable curing power.
  • Easy-to-use timer to set your desired curing time.
  • Socket for connecting a foot switch (optional).
  • Models available with 16” x 18”, 20” x 24” and 20” x 28” curing areas.
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Fast, efficient quartz flash curing for manual and automatic presses.

Anatol’s Comet Light Pro flash cure unit is an efficient and affordable curing solution for both manual and automatic screen printing shops. With a built-in digital timer and pallet sensor, the flash will automatically detect when a shirt is underneath and activate the lamps automatically for your desired time. Alternatively, you can take control of the Comet Light Pro directly from the touchscreen of your Anatol automatic screen printing press. The Comet Light Pro is available in three different curing areas – 16″ x 18″, 20″ x 24″ and 20″ x 28″.

A smart, efficient curing solution for manual and automatic shops.
  • Set your desired flash time with the easy-to-use digital controller or from the touchscreen of your Anatol automatic press.
  • Pallet sensor detects when a shirt is under the flash for automatic activation/deactivation – so the lamps are only “on” whenever necessary; reducing energy when compared to infrared flashes which are always on.
  • Quartz lamps heat up and cool down quickly.
  • Multiple curing zones – two or three zones depending on the size of the flash (see Specifications).
  • Available on a height-adjustable floor stand for use with both Anatol automatic and manual screen printing presses.

Comet Light Pro Specifications

16”x 18”
9 Lamps2 zones
(Zone I -6 lamps, Zone II – 3 lamps)
4.47 W/cm2
(28.87 W/in2)
1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 9kW, 40A
3 Ph, 208V, 23A
20”x 24”
10 Lamps2 zones
(Zone I -6 lamps, Zone II – 4 lamps)
3.8 W/cm2
(24.53 W/in2)
1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 12.5kW, 55A
3 Ph, 208V, 32A
20”x 28”
15 Lamps3 zones
(Zone I -5 lamps, Zone II – 5 lamps,
Zone III – 5 lamps)
4.9 W/cm2
(31.61 W/in2)
1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 18.75kW, 82A
3 Ph, 208V, 47A
* The maximum power consumption is calculated for all lamps operating at maximum power
** The foot switch is not included in the Comet Light Pro package, it can be ordered separately

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Download Brochure

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Certification & Warranty

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