Tornado Manual Screen Printing Press

Perfect for shops tight on space, the Tornado packs serious features into our smallest footprint.

Maximum Screen Size 23″ x 33″.
Maximum Print Area 18″ x 24″.

Available in configuration of: 6 colors/4 stations.

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Anatol Tornado Manual press description

The Anatol Tornado manual screen printing press has the heavy-duty construction and easy-to-use, feature-packed design of our full size Lightning with a smaller footprint. With a diameter of 8’2″ (249cm), the Tornado is our most compact manual press. Built for strength and durability, while also being lightweight and ergonomic; the Tornado is a perfect entry-level machine for new screen printers or shops looking to add a manual press to their existing operation without a lot of space to spare.

Standard features

Design and construction
  • Double bearing registration locks to ensure the highest quality when printing multi-color jobs
  • Strong but lightweight steel frame for easy movement
  • Side screen clamps to provide maximum stability
  • 100% tool-less setup and operation
Print Heads
  • Three Point Micro registration:front to back, side to side, and rotational
  • Print heads have an adjustable, guided spring tensioning system that does not require lubrication
  • Off-contact and screen pitch adjustments are located on each print head
  • Print with two heads down at the same time, allowing multiple operators to print simultaneously
Pallet system
  • 15″ by 16″ solid aluminum, low profile, rubber coated pallets
  • Slide style pallet system for fast changeover
  • Fine threaded micro registration (same system as our automatic presses)
  • Easy-to-read micro registration targets
  • Accepts most common pre-registration systems available on the market, including the Anatol ARME system
  • Jacket hold down pallets
  • Youth and sleeve pallets
  • Rapid Wave and Comet series quartz flash cure units on height-adjustable floor stands

Tornado Specifications

Colors/StationsDiameterMax Screen SizeMax Print SizeStandard Pallet Size
249 cm
23″ x 33″
58 cm x 84 cm
18″ x 24″
46 cm x 61 cm
15″ x 16″
38 cm x 41 cm

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Download Brochure

Certification & Warranty

Certification & Warranty

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What Our Customers Are Saying
  • We replaced an older manual press from a different brand with the lightning model. Hold registration great and well built. Very happy with the upgrade. Micro Registration and off contact... read more

    Michael Martin Avatar Michael Martin

    Quality carousel. Super professional dealings and willingness! 🤘🤘🤘🤜🤛

    Michal Valašík Avatar Michal Valašík

    We've bought an automatic coating machine and an ink mixer and everything went smooth. The production and delivery time was really fast, the costumer service and sales were available all... read more

    Mátyás Lovász Avatar Mátyás Lovász

    We really enjoy our Anatol Volt Press. The ease of use and quality of prints are amazing. Also we don’t have to worry about air compressors and loud noise. So... read more

    Al Kale Avatar Al Kale
  • We are having so much fun with the new press and the output and quality is amazing. It has really changed our business for the better. Not only is the... read more

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1
    Chris Montgomery Avatar Chris Montgomery

    Ken is an absolute professional and highly knowledgeable of the equipment he sells. Will definitely keep going to Ken for guidance for future purchases.

    Elevated Screen Printing Avatar Elevated Screen Printing

    Best Screen Printer company, and customer service don’t waste your money on anything else! Waited a year and was worth every cent.

    Alexander Weston Avatar Alexander Weston

    We have had a great experience with Anatol from the very beginning through post setup/training. Paul really helped us decide on the best equipment for our needs and Gene did... read more

    Darin Uesugi Avatar Darin Uesugi
  • Thank You Paul and everyone at Anatol for building me a press, dryer, and exposure unit. This is my second anatol and could not be happier. You guys... read more

    Jeff Posey Avatar Jeff Posey

    La compra de los equipos Anatol ha sido una completa bendición, desde el primer día la atención por parte de Nelson ha sido extraordinaria, siempre atento y pendiente a todas... read more

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1media thumbnail 2media thumbnail 3
    orester nieto Avatar orester nieto

    Paul was very helpful. I knew upgrading to this equipment would be a game changer, and I’m not disappointed. The Thunder is faster to set up than my old press... read more

    Troy Brown Avatar Troy Brown

    I purchased an Anatol Thunder 6 color press. When I got the press in and set up it was very clear that this is a quality built press. It is... read more

    Don Chesek Avatar Don Chesek
  • We have been a Anatol shop for years. I've personally printed on a number of other presses and Anatol has felt the most like home. We just bought a new... read more

    Collin gray Avatar Collin gray

    I bought an entirely electric 10 station 9 color VOLT. Best decision I've made. Only regret is I didn't make it sooner.

    Marcus Fedler Avatar Marcus Fedler

    I’m very happy with my decision to go with Anatol on my automatic press. I purchased the Volt 5 head, which I installed in my 2 stall garage at my... read more

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1media thumbnail 2media thumbnail 3media thumbnail 4media thumbnail 5
    Wicked 603 Avatar Wicked 603

    Upgraded our old 4/4 Atlas manual screen printing press with Anatol Thunder 6/4 at the beginning of the year. We love everything about this press, easy to setup and clean... read more

    Donald Schneider Avatar Donald Schneider
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Choose helpful accessories to make your work simpler and more perfect

Cooling Fan

View more

Cooling Fan


  • Quickly and easily mounts in the print carriage of an Anatol VOLT, Vector or Titan automatic press
  • Make tool-less adjustments exactly as you would adjust a squeegee or flood bar
  • The independent power supply is attached to the fan housing with a hard cable.
  • The Cooling Fan is powered by a 110V or 220V power supply.
  • The device’s maximum power is 62W.
Mobile Forge In-line Heat Press

View more

Mobile Forge In-line Heat Press

Mobile Forge
In-line Heat Press

Improve your print quality and expand your screen printing possibilities with Anatol’s easy to use Mobile Forge in-line traveling iron unit!

The Mobile Forge iron mounts in the print carriage of your Anatol automatic press and provides heat and pressure to your substrate. Use it to mat down fibers and smooth your ink layers, reducing fibrillation and giving you a solid underbase for bright, vibrant prints on dark garments. Apply foil transfers and cure discharge ink right on your screen printing press and more!

Anatol Registration Made Easy

View more

ARME: Anatol Registration Made Easy

ARME: Anatol Registration Made Easy

User-friendly registration system compatible with all Anatol automatic and manual presses.

Available in 6 configurations for screen sizes of: 20″x24″, 21″x28″, 23″x31″, 23″x33″, 25″x36″ and 26″x36″.

Roller Squeegee

View more

Roller Squeegee

Roller Squeegee

Attach to your Anatol automatic press to prevent fibrillation and increase print quality.

  • Tool-less installation and adjustments.
  • Includes retensionable mat-down frame.
  • Quickly and easily mounts in the print carriage of an Anatol VOLT, Vector or Titan automatic press.
Screen Printing Press Squeegees

View more

Screen Printing Press Squeegees

Screen Printing Press Squeegees

It’s important to have the best quality screen printing squeegees for your screen printing machine. Anatol’s squeegee holders are a single piece of solid aluminum to ensure uniform shape and performance for years to come. Our squeegee holders have been engineered to work flawlessly with our innovative Quick Release system. Anatol will customize squeegees to your requirements, and work with you to meet your unique needs.

Double Sleeve Pallet

View more

Double Sleeve Pallet

Double Sleeve Pallet

Double Sleeve Pallet: print twice as much on one platen, from two sleeves at once, to multiple items. The broad cut-out area provides ample clearance when printing on sweatshirts or other bulky items.

  • Made with premium-grade aluminum plates.
  • Rubber-coated with Buna rubber.
  • Available in quick-release or standard-slide styles.
  • The pallet is compatible with Anatol manual and automatic presses.
Jacket Hold Down Pallet

View more

Jacket Hold Down Pallet

Jacket Hold Down Pallet

Jacket Hold Down Pallets used on ANATOL machines, namely automatic VOLT, TITAN, VECTOR and manual machines.

  • Made with premium-grade aluminum plates.
  • Rubber-coated with Buna rubber.
  • Available in quick-release or standard-slide styles.
  • The pallet is compatible with Anatol manual and automatic presses.
Umbrella Hold-Down Pallet

View more

Umbrella Hold-Down Pallet

Umbrella Hold-Down Pallet

This pallet is designed for printing on umbrellas. The pallet holds the umbrella securely in place and keeps the surface flat and taut for easy, consistent printing.

  • Made with premium-grade aluminum plates.
  • Rubber-coated with Buna rubber.
  • Available in quick-release or standard-slide styles.
  • The pallet is compatible with Anatol manual and automatic presses.
Flood Bars for Screen Printing Machines

View more

Flood Bars for Screen Printing Machines

Flood Bars for Screen Printing Machines

High performance flood bars available in two styles.

Standard and wing-style options available.

Custom sizes available.

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