Screen printing is a visual art, so it lends itself perfectly to visual social media platforms you can use to market your business.

What precisely is visual social media? These are the social media sites that use pictures or video to share a story, like Instagram, Snapchat and even Pinterest. Not only are internet users showing their preference for visual content, studies are backing up its value; one study showed that people retained 65 percent of information conveyed visually versus 10 percent of information that they heard. As social media users show their preference for visual content, with more likes, shares and engagement, even sites like Facebook are encouraging visual content.

For screen printers, the visual social media trend offers great opportunity. Screen printing is highly visual and provides plenty of opportunity for photos and videos. However, there is a right way to grow your screen printing brand with visual social media.

Vary your Screen Printing Content

When you’re churning out quality screen prints day after day, it can be tempting to use your visual social media to post photo after photo of your finished product. This can become cumbersome for your followers and come across as an overt sales pitch. While showcasing some of your standout prints is certainly alright, make sure you vary your content. Post behind-the-scenes shots of the screen printing process, show your staff hard at work or even having fun.

Make use of Hashtags that Focus on Your Screen Printing Business

While hashtags on Twitter and Facebook are fairly common, on visual media sites like Instagram, they are a must. Hashtags are how new followers and potential customers will find your brand. Think about what your target customer would be searching for, whether it’s #customtshirts or #corporatebrandwear and make use of those tags. Of course, a simple #screenprinting hashtag works, too, and fortunately on visual media sites, multiple hashtags are a given.

Interact with Your Audience

The backbone of all social media is that it’s, well, social. Don’t forget to interact with your customers and followers. If you’re showcasing a product you’re making for a customer who’s on the social media site, make sure you tag them in your post. If someone comments on one of your photos, be sure to reply. And don’t forget to actively follow other users.

Make use of Other People’s Photos

One of the best ways to create content for your visual media page is to make use of other people’s photos! Encourage your customers to post pictures of themselves wearing your screen printed gear. Make sure they’re aware of your social media accounts and ask them to consider tagging you in a post showcasing their custom garments. Remember those hashtags? You can even create a custom hashtag for your screen printing shop and encourage your customers to use it.

Don’t Neglect Your Bio and Username

Visual media sites tend to give you less space to provide information about your business. Use what space you do have to your advantage. Have a username that’s consistent across all of your social media platforms and that reflects your business. Have a brief but effective quip in your bio that clearly sums up your brand. And don’t forget to include your website in your bio!

Have Fun!

Visual social media users have reported that they use visual social media because it’s a fun diversion. If you want to attract and engage an audience, that means you have to have fun with it! While your target customers will dictate how playful you get, the important thing is to make your visual posts personal and fun so it gives your audience a good feel for your screen printing business. Having fun with visual social media is a great way to grow your brand and, ultimately, your screen printing business.

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