Getting better quality prints with your screen printing press is just six steps away.

Level screen printing pallets are a crucial part of the printing process. If the pallets aren’t level, then the press can’t hold registration. This results in poor quality and misaligned prints.

Here are some reasons why your pallets might not be level:

  • Too much squeegee pressure
  • Bumping/knocking into pallets
  • Damaging/bending pallets

Anatol’s flood bar being attached to the machine.


By following these steps you can be sure you’ve got level pallets for high quality printing:

  1. Crank/twist the off-contact adjustment all the way up, and then back four clicks.
  2. Install a flood bar into Head 1. Raise the flood bar all the way up by turning the pressure adjustment. Once it’s all the way up, turn the pressure adjustment down four full turns.
  3. If it’s a pneumatic head, turn off the air to the machine. Disconnect both air tubes from the solenoid valve of the stroke cylinder for Head 1. Then install plugs into the valve where the tubing was.
  4. Turn the air back on and lift the carousel to the up position.
  5. Check the spacing between the flood bar and pallet through the full stroke of the print carriage. The spacing between the flood bar and pallet should be the thickness of a quarter in all directions.
  6. Check each pallet and make sure the spacing is uniform.

Anatol makes a wide range of pallets for different jobs, in quick-release and slide style (pictured).

For quality prints, it’s imperative that the pallets are level on your screen printing machine!

Check out what accessories Anatol offers including a wide variety of pallets and flood bars.