Flood Bars for Screen Printing Machines


High performance flood bars available in two styles.

Standard and wing-style options available
Custom sizes available

Anatol’s aluminum flood bars are created with a continual extrusion process to guarantee uniform shape and performance between all of your flood bars on your t-shirt screen printing machine. They are available in both standard straight and wing style.

Anatol’s flood bars are made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum using a continual extrusion process for durability and top performance. Flood bars are sold by the inch and are available in almost any size.

Screen Printing Press Winged Flood Bars

Winged flood bars for your screen printing press save you time by reducing the need to scrape ink back into the center of the frame by hand. The wing-shape keeps ink within the path of the squeegee on each print stroke, reducing the amount of wasted ink. Anatol’s winged flood bars are made with rounded-edges and smooth sides for easy cleaning and to avoid catching on substrates.

Screen Printing Press Standard Flood Bars

Standard flood bars for your screen printing press are the traditional straight-edge design of flood bar with a tapered tip. They’re made to smoothly push ink over the screen for uniform coverage.

Tool-less Adjustment
  • Flood bars attach to Anatol automatic screen printing presses without tools
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum extrusions
  • Length customized for the desired print stroke width
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Equipment Certification

European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) compliant: built to specifications established by both CE and UL

All equipment shipped to Canada is Approved under the Special Inspection Program per SPE-1000

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