Printing koozies is an easy and inexpensive way to expand your screen printing shop’s offerings. Here’s how to get started!

When it comes to branding, koozies offer a great way to get the name of a company or an event in front of a lot of people by giving consumers a product they’ll use time and again. They also make a fun keepsake for parties or other private events. Consumers love them and they’re easy for brand identity and giveaways; on top of that, koozies are cheap to purchase and print, and they come in a variety of styles you can use to appeal to customers. With a few decorating tips, you can add custom can and bottle koozies to your screen printing product line as a fun option or add-on purchase for your customers.

Screen Printing Can Koozies

The good news about screen printing koozies is that it’s incredibly simple! With just a few tips and adjustments, you can be printing custom koozies in your screen printing shop.

  • Keep the design simple. The printing surface on a koozie is small, and the design will sit on top of the surface of the koozie, making it easy to over-ink. By keeping the design simple and eliminating fine details and multiple colors, you’ll get a clear print on your koozie.
  • Choose the right ink. The right ink for koozie printing depends on the material the koozie is made of. Some printers prefer a polyester ink on koozies, though often regular plastisol ink, mixed with a bit of puff additive to help the print “pop,” will do the trick.
  • Consider a specialty pallet. You can print a koozie on a regular pallet; you just have to be careful that the koozie doesn’t move or roll during printing. A pocket or sleeve pallet is a good option for koozie printing, and you can find specialty pallets made just for koozies.
  • Be cautious with your curing. Koozies are made from synthetic fabrics, which means they are prone to dye migration during curing. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid dye migration when curing your koozies.

Heat Transfers on Can Koozies

If your shop has a heat press, that can provide an easy and efficient way to decorate can koozies. While successfully screen printing on koozies usually requires a simple design, heat transfer will allow you to decorate a koozie with more colors and more detail. You can purchase a special pallet that will hold several koozies in your heat transfer unit at once, or use the regular surface of the press, being careful that the koozies don’t shift during transfer. You do have to watch for dye migration while transferring light colors onto dark koozies, but other than that, you apply a heat transfer to a koozie as you would any other substrate.

Koozies are fun and functional for consumers, and they’re a great way to raise brand awareness or to give away as a party or event favor. On top of that, they are inexpensive to purchase and to decorate. That’s why koozies are a great way to expand the product line in your screen printing shop.

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