The pet industry brings in billions of bones, year after year, and the pet market has been growing at a dramatic rate for more than a decade. In 2016, the pet product market brought in $62.8 billion, up from $60.3 billion in 2015 and from $38.5 billion a decade before. Sixty-three percent of Americans own pets, and pet owners love to spoil their furry family members. As a screen printer, you have plenty of opportunities to capture a portion of the pet market with promotional pet products.

The Hottest Pet Products to Print

There are leashes and collars, of course, but the pet product market goes well beyond the basics! Some popular, and novel, petwear products include:

  • Kerchiefs.Kerchiefs have, perhaps, become the most popular petwear item. Groomers and vets often tie on a logoed kerchief as part of their services, and kerchiefs make great giveaway items because they’re inexpensive to produce, and most pets don’t mind wearing them. Most petwear kerchiefs come as triangles, rather than full bandanas, as these are easier to tie on a pet and require less material to manufacture.
  • Shirts and jerseys.There are plenty of novelty wear items for pets, especially shirts and jerseys. Shirts and jerseys come in an infinite number of styles, from hoodies to polos, so pets can match their humans. Novelty shirts and jerseys provide a fun look and give pets the opportunity to sport logoed or team apparel that reflects their owners’ tastes. If you’re trying to decide which styles will be best sellers, know that petwear trends often follow regular clothing trends, so styles that mirror what’s being worn by your human customers tend to be a safe bet.

Taking Advantage of Promotional Pet 01

  • Outerwear.Pet outerwear can be both a fashion statement and practical. Warm fleeces and weather resistant jackets are great pet apparel options in cold climates, while rainwear and lighter weight sweatshirts and fleeces are great for warmer climates in which pets only need to be protected from minor chills.
  • Toys and blankets.Nearly any pet product can be printed with a logo or a cheeky saying, and that includes pet toys and blankets. Just be aware that if you’re printing on a substrate that a pet is likely to hold in its mouth, you will need to be conscious of using inks that won’t harm pets if they flake or are chewed off.

When it comes to printing these pet products, you can use traditional screen printing methods, or you can opt for heat transfersfor quick applications to substrates that are smaller or more difficult to print.

Where to Market Screen Printed Petwear

Once you decide to break into the pet market, you need to know where to sell it! Of course, your typical clients are likely to be interested in pet products with their logos. But there are so many opportunities for marketing your pet products beyond your usual clientele. Some possibilities include:

  • Pet-related businesses.Any pet-related businesses in your area can make great clients for screen printed pet products. Think specialty pet shops, groomers, veterinarians, pet parks or hotels and local companies that supply or manufacture pet products.

Taking Advantage of Promotional Pet 02

  • Tourist destinations and resorts.Traveling with pets is becoming more and more popular, and tourists are looking for souvenirs for their pets, too! Pet-friendly resorts and travel destinations likely will be looking to stock up on novelty pet products to appeal to their guests.
  • Schoolsand sports teams. People love to have their pets represent their allegiances, whether it’s to a local school or local sports team. Adding petwear options to can help you appeal to schools and sports teams whose fans will be excited to have their pets don team colors.

You really can’t go wrong by adding petwear to your lineup of screen printed offerings. With so much enthusiasm behind the petwear industry, you’re going to find excited customers for customized petwear and pet products, whether it’s your typical customers adding pet items to their orders or new customers you pursue specifically to market your pet-related apparel.