Want to jumpstart the sales of your screen prints? Check out these tips!

Keeping your screen printing business growing means increasing your sales month over month and year after year. When you’re building a strategy for increasing sales, it can seem overwhelming. Focusing on one product line can help you to grow your sales in a manageable way.

Because t-shirts are a primary product for screen printers, focusing on increasing your t-shirt sales can have a big impact on your business. Here are some ways you can sell more t-shirts in your screen printing shop.

Cross sell

Anyone who sells products is familiar with the up sale, an attempt to talk customers in to purchasing a nicer, higher-priced item for an increase profit margin. They also should be familiar with the cross sell. Cross selling is getting your customers to buy additional products beyond what they walked in the door for. If a customer comes in for caps or corporate polos, suggest t-shirts with their logo. The trick to effective cross selling is taking the time to know your customer. Be familiar with their needs so you can suggest items for a cross sale that would fit their individual needs.

Create samples

One of the best ways to make a sale is by creating samples. Samples let your customer see what you have to offer. If you’re meeting with an existing client about their next order or trying to cross sell a new client, a sample print can sway their decision. When trying to sell more t-shirts, consider making laying down an extra print design; you might find customers willing to order multiple shirts if the shirts have different looks.

Know your customers

Keep track of your customers. The better you know your customers, the easier time you will have selling to them. Know their schedules so you can anticipate their orders and have a lineup of curated products and sample prints ready for them. Know their businesses or organizations so you help find the best products for them. Know what times of year might be best for approaching them for new orders above and beyond their regular ordering schedule.

Market your products

Selling more of any product begins with marketing your products and your business. Take advantage of both traditional and digital marketing. If you’re focusing specifically on t-shirts, consider an ad focusing on the different types of t-shirts you offer, or post images of different t-shirt projects during or just after printing. Building awareness about your company and the t-shirts you produce will help you attract more customers and keep you in the front of your customers’ minds.

Hire a salesman

Another tactic to sell more t-shirts is to hire a dedicated salesman, if you don’t already have one. The best way to make a sale is with a personal touch. Having a salesman to meet with customers, learn about their needs, make product recommendations and show off samples will inevitably increase your t-shirt sales. If hiring a salesman isn’t in your budget now, make sure you are taking the time to hit the pavement and meet with clients and potential clients to solicit and close sales.

Simply by focusing on your t-shirt sales, you should be able to send your shop’s sales upward. By having a clear strategy to increase your t-shirt sales, through techniques like cross selling, creating samples, knowing your customers and marketing your products thoroughly and intelligently, you can sell more t-shirts in your screen printing business.