There’s still a couple more months of cold to deal with, but one thing that can help us get through it is fleece!

You may have asked yourself, “What is fleece?”

Fleece is a synthetic material made of polyester specially processed to create a material that is both thick and warm, yet light and soft. There are many different varieties of fleece, differing in density and appearance. For apparel, these are some of the most common types:

1. Microfleece – a thin and light material, which is an excellent option for lining garments.

2. Fleece of medium thickness – the most versatile and common type of fleece, with a higher level of insulation and air tightness.

3. Textured fleece – produced in various forms, but most often in the form of a fluffy material resembling fur.

Fleece fabric has several advantages of other materials.

There are the main benefits:

✅ WEAR RESISTANCE – subject to the care instructions, fleece lasts a long time without losing its shape and texture
✅ DRIES VERY QUICKLY – fleece wicks moisture rather than absorbing it, allowing fleece material to dry quickly
✅ LOW COST – due to the fact that the inventors did not patent their invention, as well as the affordability of the raw materials themselves, fleece is a fairly democratic fabric
✅ INCREASED TACTILE COMFORT – incredibly soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch. It does not have the “slippery” feel common to other synthetic fabrics, and it does not irritate the skin.
✅ EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN – easy to wash, does not require ironing, and dries very quickly.
✅ HYPOALLERGENIC – fleece is not an allergen and therefore is a great choice for producing children’s products

However, there are some disadvantages also:

❌ Fleece is more prone to static electricity than other materials
❌ Fleece is flammable
❌ Inexpensive options are prone to “pilling” as spools of material appear on the surface, and performance deteriorates markedly
Fortunately for apparel decorators, printing on fleece is not too different from printing on t-shirts, so you can try screen printing fleece with Anatol Equipment

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