Corporations are always in need of custom apparel to create a cohesive look – here’s how your screen printing business can take advantage!

Corporate uniforms do so much more than that, however; they become a part of the brand identity, which makes eye-catching, high-quality corporate apparel a must.

For screen printing shops, adding corporate clients to your client lists can be a great way to build business and garner returning customers. But to attract and get the most out of your corporate accounts, you have to provide top-notch service and know your role. Many corporate clients aren’t in tune with screen printing capabilities or corporate uniform trends. Your job, then, is to help them pick and maintain uniforms that help their companies stand out. That means there are some special considerations when determining a marketing plan for your corporate clients.

Keep Your Customers Up to Date

You know what trends are in when it comes to apparel. Your customers are much less likely to. Let your customers know what’s trending as far as fits, fabrics, inks and effects. It will keep their employees looking modern and fresh, not dated and sad.

Think About Your Customers’ Needs

Again, this is where your product knowledge comes into play. You know the wide range of fabric options available. To make winning recommendations to your customers, think about what their employees will be doing in their uniforms and what apparel would work best. Stain-resistant shirts are great for those in food service. Caddies or valets who are outside would fare well in a lightweight moisture-wicking fabric. Wrinkle-resistant fabric is ideal for anyone who needs to maintain a professional appearance. Your job here is to match your customers with garments that meet their employees’ needs.

Recommend Complementary Garments

Polos or button-ups might be your customers go-to, but their employees might make use of so much more than that. Layers, like lightweight jackets, performance fleece or rain gear are great for colder temperatures. One lineup of garments might make sense for office employees, while others might be more fitting for employees who are out on the job. Many employees also like to sport company-branded apparel off the job, so more casual wear also makes a great recommendation; employers can give it away as a perk or as holiday gifts. Not only will their employees enjoy showing their company pride, but they’ll also help spread the brand name and grow brand awareness.

Help Your Client Stand Out

Obviously, there’s a practicality to corporate wear, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drab. Uniforms can help your client’s business stand out. A boldly printed slogan or promotional design can help your clients’ employees drum up conversation about new goods or services, a promotion or just help their employees stand out from the competition. While flashy designs can be well used in some cases, even something as simple as changing up uniforms to reflect the holidays can keep uniforms fun and engaging.

When you’re working with a corporate client, the best way to market your screen printed apparel is to present yourself as their partner. Think about their needs, both in cementing their brand and providing practical, comfortable and safe apparel for their employees, and demonstrate to them how your apparel will meet their needs and help with their business success.

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