Consider adding services like relabeling and custom packaging to help attract customers looking for retail-ready products.

Here’s a look at how you can step up your services to make your shop stand out.


Relabeling has become more popular as more and more designers look to sell their custom screen prints. Relabeling involves removing the garment manufacturer’s label and replacing it with a custom brand label. Offering custom relabeling services can help draw clients to your shop who are trying to establish their fashion or retail brands.

Anatol’s Prodigy automatic tag printer is
perfect for small print jobs like neck labels.

If you’re concerned about tying up your main screen printing press with tiny label prints, you don’t have to. If you have customers requesting label prints, or if you’d like to expand your customer base by offering this service, you can purchase a small-scale screen printing machine that’s specifically designed for laying down tag-sized prints or printing smaller substrates. For more info on printing neck labels, check out this blog post.

Hang Tagging

Hang tagging is another convenient service that can help you attract customers who want their products to be retail-ready. This service could also be attractive to customers who want to share information along with their screen printed products. Non-profit organizations could attach a hang tag that explains their stories or whom their services support. Schools and sports teams could attach hang tags with spirit messages.

If you’re thinking about adding hang-tagging services, there are some considerations. First and foremost: Who will provide the tags themselves? Often, customers who want their shirts to be retail-ready will provide the hang tags to be attached. For local non-profits, businesses, organizations or teams, however, you might consider whether you’ll offer the service of designing and printing tags in house, or if you’ll secure them from another printer. You’ll also have to determine how to attach the tags. If you’re just getting started with offering hang-tagging services, handheld tagging guns can be purchased very inexpensively. If you’re seeing a high demand for this service, or if you regularly print large-scale orders, you can purchase an automatic tagging machine.

Bagging and Packaging

While many print shops deliver shirts grouped by size in packages of a dozen, offering the option of individually packaged garments can provide your customers with added convenience. Delivering items this way is crucial for customers who send their gear on to retail outlets, but it’s also helpful for customers who will be passing items out to clients or employees. It helps keep the garments clean and provides your customers with a neat presentation, without additional work on their end.

Bagging and packaging can be as simple as putting individual garments into their own poly bags. Or, you can go beyond that by providing specialty packaging services. That can be tissue wrapping or placing items in gift boxes, or even novelty packaging like shirts in water bottles. Garments can be folded and packaged into special shapes that reinforce the message of the company or organization. These services can be enticing to businesses or organizations who want to present their screen printed products in a way that makes their promotional items stand out.

Benefiting from Finishing Services

These finishing services do take some extra time, and potentially extra equipment, but they can go a long way toward growing your business. These services can certainly raise the dollar value of yourorders, but on top of that, they can attract customers to you who need to convenience or the presentation “wow” factor of specialty finishing services.

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