Learn some helpful steps you can take toward assuring the quality of your screen printed products from start to finish.

Make no mistake about it, a quality print delivered on time is a necessary prerequisite and a fundamental element of the process. But the screen printing industry has become even more customer-centered and the process has moved from reactive to proactive. What was first called “Quality Control” (QC) has evolved to an overall “Quality Experience” to ensure the customer’s return.

Quality begins with each employee’s attitude. The company is being evaluated from the first time they pick up the phone. Are they professional? Helpful in answering questions, or finding the right person to answer the question? This attitude is not something to be turned on and off. It doesn’t begin at the end of the dryer before shipment – it’s a state of mind. In order to assist in quality development, the flow chart below will guide us through production.

How to Give Your Screen Printing Customers 01

In the meantime…

How to Give Your Screen Printing Customers 02

How to Give Your Screen Printing Customers 03

How to Give Your Screen Printing Customers 04

As you can see, a quality print run doesn’t begin when the shirt is loaded on the press and end when the shirt is unloaded – it involves every department of your screen printing shop. Only when the entire team works together to establish, refine and stick to organized processes can you truly offer your customers the total quality experience.

By no means is this flow chart meant to be complete. If things go awry you’ll need to have your own policy for how to handle the situation. Each shop has its differences, but the chart above hopefully provides a helpful framework for you to start with.

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