In order to reach the goals you’ve set for your screen printing business, you have to keep your team moving together in the right direction – here’s how.

As the CEO of your own business, you’re not only responsible for assembling a good team – you also have a large hand in keeping that team motivated and productive. Here are seven ways you can increase employee motivation in your screen printing shop:

1. Share your goals

You have a clear vision for your business — or at least you should. Motivate your employees by letting them know what you’re looking to achieve and that you view them as an integral part in reaching those achievements. Whether it’s becoming the go-to screen printing shop for local bands or expanding your reach to local businesses and nonprofits, letting your employees know what you’re trying to achieve helps them to share in your goals and motivates them to help your reach those goals.

2. Trust your employees

Trusting your employees can go a long way toward motivating them to take initiative and work hard. When you delegate and opt not to micromanage, your employees will feel empowered to take charge. They’ll perform tasks before you ask and work to solve problems without immediately turning to you. They also won’t be stressed out by constant monitoring and overbearing micromanagement.

3. Roll up your sleeves

While trusting your employees and knowing when to delegate is important, so is rolling up your sleeves and sharing in the work. Running your business can keep you shut up in your office day after day, but rolling up your sleeves and helping your employees help customers, load the presses or pack boxes shows that you are just as dedicated to your business’s daily operations as they are.

4. Give your employees a chance to grow

One of the biggest killers of motivation is feeling like you’re going to a dead-end job day after day to perform the same tasks over and over. Avoid this trap for your employees by giving them opportunities to grow. Know what your employees’ professional goals are, and help them achieve those goals by giving employees new responsibilities or by offering training to help them move their careers forward.

5. Be positive

A positive attitude is infectious. While negativity can be a motivation killer, cultivating a positive work environment helps motivate your employees and make them feel good about coming to work. That means controlling your negative emotions when things go wrong and providing necessary critique in a constructive way. At the same time, make sure you dole out positive feedback when it’s warranted so your employees know their hard work is appreciated. Go further to create a positive work environment maintaining a positive attitude, offering incentives and by treating your employees to the occasional breakroom donuts or catered lunch.

6. Stay open to feedback

As important as it is to openly communicate goals and successes with your team, it’s equally important to listen to and consider their feedback. Not only are your employees the ones operating the presses, using the inks and talking to customers, but listening to their feedback shows that you trust your employees and their opinions, which can help them feel more invested in your business. Listening to your employees’ feedback can help you improve your own leadership style and help improve the operations of your screen printing shop.

7. Be genuine

Be someone your employees want to work for by being genuine with them. Let your personality show by taking the time to talk to your employees. Be honest with your employees. Don’t go back on your word, and make sure your employees know that you are someone who can be trusted and that your top priority is the well being of your business and your team.

Motivated employees will help you team run efficiently and effectively, and motivated employees who are happy to be working for you will create an overall positive work environment in your screen printing shop. Fortunately, as the head of your screen printing shop, you can have a major impact on your employees’ attitudes and their motivation.

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