Potentiometer 10 KOHM

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Potentiometer 10 KOHM


  • ID: # 22420
  • Part Number: 4020045
  • Part Number: 4020045
  • Used for: Electric dryers, Horizon, Rapid Wave, Stratus, Titan, Trident
  • Used for: Printing carriage speed control, flash power control

Potentiometer 10 KOHM description

This rotary type potentiometer has various uses. Resistance: 1000 Ohms, Rating Voltage: 500V. This potentiometer can be found at the top of some older model Anatol automatic screen printing machines. It is located on the front-top of a print head. The potentiometer is responsible for controlling the print carriage speed. If you need this potentiometer for the print head speed control, it is strongly recommended to get two; this way Anatol’s engineers can prepare an easy-to-connect wiring.

Key features:

  • Height: 36.12mm x Length: 36.52mm
  • Easy to install if purchased in pairs
  • Power rating 2W

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