Lamp 1500W 450mm / 17.75″

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Lamp 1500W 450mm / 17.75″


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  • ID: # 23098
  • Part Number: 4030071
  • Part Number: 4030071
  • Location on the machine: Back of the Flash
  • Used for: Rapid Wave

Lamp 1500W 450mm/17.75″ description

This infrared lamp is 17.75 inches long, 1500 watts and made of glass with two ceramic elements at each end. The bulbs are spring loaded and easy to install. Infrared lamps are perfect for screen printing because of the light they emit. Anatol’s Rapid Wave flash cure allows you to adjust the intensity of the lamps to help achieve the perfect cure. The lamp was installed in older models of Anatol’s flash cures and was replaced with “wired” infrared lamps.

Key features:

  • Adjustable power
  • Easy installation
  • Infrared light

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