Lamp 1000W 220mm / 15.75″ wired

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Lamp 1000W 220mm / 15.75″ wired


  • ID: # 23085
  • Part Number: 4030205
  • Part Number: 4030205
  • Location on the machine: Back of the Flash
  • Used for: Rapid Wave

Lamp 1000W 220mm / 15.75″ wired description

This infrared lamp is 15.75″ long, 1000 watts and it’s equipped with 2 lead wires secured with high temperature resistant insulation. This lamp can be used for curing; heat supplied from the quartz lamps cures inks used in textile screen printing. Anatol’s Rapid Wave quartz flash allows you to control the intensity of the lamps so you can find the perfect settings for the fabric and ink you use.

Anatol used different lamps for some older Rapid Wave models and in order to be sure you’re buying the correct lamp for your unit please measure the full length of the lamp including the ceramic elements. This one is 15.75” long. Make sure the lamps in your flash have wires attached to each end. Looking at one of the white ceramic ends will help you verify the Wattage of your lamp. This lamp is 1000Watts.

Key Features:

  • Efficiency
  • Heat resistant lead wires
  • Adjustable power

How to install new lamps in your Rapid Wave Quartz Flash Cure

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