Foot Switch Assembly

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Foot Switch Assembly


Out of stock
  • ID: # 23315
  • Part Number: 4020014
  • Location on the machine: carousel and base
  • Used for: All automatic presses

Foot Switch Assembly

This non-locking Foot Switch Assembly has two possible positions – up and down. It has a spring return and it’s very easy to install, by just simply plugging it in. A 12-foot cord and a plug is included. If a longer cord is needed, please specify at checkout.

Foot pedal on your Anatol equipment:

The foot pedal is a preference that many screen printers choose to use. It is convenient to use and saves time while printing. When used in manual mode, the press’s carousel moves when the pedal is pressed.

Key features:

  • Plug and play
  • Two positions
  • Convenient to install and use

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