E-Stop Assy

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E-Stop Assy


  • ID: # 23316
  • Part Number: 4020013
  • Location on the machine: control panel - electrical box
  • Used for: Continuus, Electric dryers, Gas Dryer, Horizon, Pegasus, Stratus, Titan, Trident, Vector, Vindicator, Volt

E-Stop Assembly

E-Stop Assembly or Emergency button used on Anatol’s screen printing equipment is a classic push-on/twist-to-release button. Once pushed in, the button needs to be twisted and pulled up in order for the machine to work again. The product is UL certified and rated IP65. It’s made of plastic with a solid metal brass latch mechanism.

E-Stop on your Anatol equipment:

Anatol installs emergency stop buttons on the top of the control panel on all automatic screen printing presses, as well as on dryers. The E-Stop is a very important safety feature, designed to prevent accidents.

Key features:

  • Red, 40mm emergency stop head
  • Twist-to-release mechanism
  • Once pushed in causes machine to stop

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