CYLINDER CARRIAGE 19″ 32X483 M10 / Stroke cylinder

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CYLINDER CARRIAGE 19″ 32X483 M10 / Stroke cylinder


  • ID: # 22556
  • Part Number: S924A0000268 A
  • Location on the machine: Print head
  • Used for: Horizon

Cylinder Carriage 19″ 32×483 M10/Stroke Cylinder description

This linear-type air cylinder is used by Anatol on our automatic screen printing machines. The cylinder moves the print carriage back and forth. In order to best accommodate different machine sizes and configurations.

Anatol uses different cylinder sizes on our air-driven automatic presses. To make sure you choose the one that fits your press, please measure the fully extended rod that comes out of the cylinder. The length should be 19″ not including the threaded part. This cylinder also has both fitting mounting holes located on the side. Its diameter is 1.6″ (40mm).

Key Features:

  • Diameter: 1.6″ (40mm)
  • 29″ (483mm) stroke

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