Air Pressure Sensor Switch RSS-495-011

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Air Pressure Sensor Switch RSS-495-011


  • ID: # 23319
  • Part Number: 4030196
  • Location on the machine: electrical box
  • Used for: Gas Dryer

Air Pressure Sensor Switch RSS-495-011 description

The thermoplastic housing contains a diaphragm and snap–acting switch. Barbed sample line connectors on each side of the diaphragm accept flexible tubing. The electrical connection consists of male quick connect terminals. The snap action switch can be actuated by a positive or negative pressure, or by a pressure differential.


RSS Switches:

  • offer OEM’s a low-cost design for residential furnaces and other light commercial applications
  • actuate on either pressure rise or fall
  • are constructed of high temperature thermoplastic


This item is used for residential, light commercial mid-efficiency furnaces, and direct digital control (DDC) applications.

Series RSS-495-11 Air Sensing Switch Kits contain compact, economical Series RSS495 switches designed for residential furnace and light commercial aftermarket applications. The RSS-495 switches have an adjustable set point range of 0.25″w.c. to 1.0″w.c.(They have been factory set to actuate on a pressure rise of 0.25″w.c.) The field adjustability makes these switches ideal for aftermarket residential furnace applications and electronic air cleaners and humidifiers.

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