Anatol Equipment

Automatic Screen Printing Presses

From pneumatically-driven machines to the industry’s only industrial-grade all-electric press, the Anatol VOLT, our automatic presses are built for maximum reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

Manual Screen Printing Presses

Manual screen printing presses will be your best start in the printing industry. They are robust, versatile and, most importantly, durable.

Conveyor Dryers

We manufacture efficient conveyor dryers to fit screen printing shops of all sizes – from small home-based businesses to the largest industrial textile printing facilities, and all shops in between.

Flash Cure Units

A screen printing flash cure unit is a vital piece of equipment for producing crisp, clear images using many screen printing techniques including printing on dark colors, printing complex designs, or using a Step Back or Cycle program.

Anatol pre-press equipment

An easier way to prepare your screen printing ink, a quicker way to register your print jobs, a faster and more efficient way of exposing your screens, or more solutions to save time and money in your shop, Anatol has the equipment to meet your needs.

Anatol screen printing aaccessories

Anatol offers a range of screen printing accessories, including pallets, squeegees, flood bars and flocking systems to keep your shop running smoothly and able to meet whatever printing challenges come your way.
Anatol Support
Real Help from Real People

Give us a call and let’s connect the good old fashioned way, the way that exists between you and a real person. We know that you want to be greeted by someone that listens, understands your issue and responds quickly. And that’s something we’re really good at.

Contact us during business hours, we’re here to help. We’re great at problem solving and work hard to save you money any way we can, starting with free Skype and FaceTime calls.

On the rare occasions when a technician is needed onsite, Anatol team engineers are in close communication to assist when issues arise, ensuring you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

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