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Two years ago, LogoBoss found the screen printing arm of its branding business overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with demand.

Determined to re-outfit its 10-year-old screen printing operation, the company’s heads hit tradeshows, talked to sales reps and researched their machinery options. In the end, they decided to trust Anatol with all of their screen printing needs. An all-electric VOLT automatic press, a Solutions electric conveyor dryer and a Rapid Wave quartz flash cure unit all were added to the 6,000-square-foot shop in Dublin, California.

The equipment has had a major impact on LogoBoss’s screen printing operation, said Tim Smith, who has owned the business with his wife for 19 years.

“We were producing anywhere from 400 to 800 prints a day; now, we’re probably anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000,” Smith said. “The true reality of it is: We were falling behind, now we’re ahead of all delivery dates. That’s helped us to increase our business.”

That increase hasn’t just been about producing more prints faster, Smith explained. Because LogoBoss’s clients know the shop can fill an order in as little as four days — as opposed to the previous two-week wait time — they’re placing more orders.

Smith was turned toward adding Anatol equipment both because he felt Anatol machines were a great value and because Anatol’s team took a genuine interest in finding the right solutions for the LogoBoss shop.

“They took a strong interest in our setup, how we structure our shop, workflow, etc. We never had an automatic press before, so we needed the guidance,” Smith said. “Whenever we called, we felt like the support was there.”

Tim felt that installing Anatol machines into the shop was a relatively quick process, and they were easy to begin operating. On top of that, the level of support offered by Anatol during the sales process has continued in the two years that LogoBoss has been running Anatol machines.

Anatol also has helped LogoBoss maintain its standards for high quality. The busy shop likes to provide one-stop service for all of its clients’ marketing merchandise. They offer embroidery, engraving and sublimation on top of their screen printing services. In addition to helping LogoBoss up production, the accuracy of Anatol’s machines has allowed for a high level of detail even on the most complicated printing projects.

“The tight registration has allowed us to create some really nice prints, and keep the four-color process stuff moving along,” Smith said.

The Anatol machines have been a win for LogoBoss: They met the need to raise production, the machines operate intuitively and accurately, they provide a good value for the price, and Anatol’s support staff is always responsive, friendly and thorough. In short, Smith said, Anatol provided everything LogoBoss was looking for in re-outfitting its screen printing operation.

“You want to seek out value. You also want ease of use and a machine that is intuitive,” Smith stated. “What’s probably most important is support: Having someone who is willing to pick up the phone and talk to you, and when you have a problem, be there for you.

“You don’t feel like a nuisance, which is the number one thing.”

With the success LogoBoss has had in working with Anatol machines and Anatol staff, Smith would be quick to recommend Anatol products to other shops looking to increase their production and quality for a reasonably priced investment.

“We went to the shows, we did the research, and we chose Anatol because we decided that the value was there. We’re glad we did.”

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