Being complacent with safety in your screen printing shop is a recipe for trouble.

All operators should read and understand the equipment instruction manuals before operating any machine in your shop. This information should be stored where it’s easily accessible for quick reference.

Anatol flash cure units are manufactured for the curing of nonflammable inks on screen printed materials. They should not be used for any other purpose. Doing so can be dangerous to the operators and the individuals in the area. It may also damage the equipment, voiding the warranty and resulting in costly repairs and downtime. Remember that the space around your equipment is a work area. That means only authorized employees are allowed – no children, pets or customers. Here are some general safety rules to remember:

  • No object should be placed on top of the flash. This surface is hot.
  • Cans of spray tack and misting water sprayers pose serious issues if left on a hot flash.
  • If you’re leaving a flash cure unattended, turn the unit off.
  • Do not operate a flash cure with any cover or guard removed.
  • Do not operate a flash cure if the power cord or heater elements (bulbs or panels) are damaged.

Safety Tips for Operating Your Screen Printing Flash Cure 01

To safely operate a flash cure, first make sure the operator is familiar with the specific controls of the unit before operation. Before you start production, check that all covers and guards are in place and no material has been left on the flash unit and that the area is clear of obstructions. When you turn on the flash, make sure it’s not positioned over any flammable material, including the pallet. If the flash’s heater unit is allowed to dwell over a pallet for extended periods of time, it will damage the pallet surface and may burn it. Use these tips to make sure you’re using your flash cure responsibly:

  • Turn off the power at the main disconnect when you’re finished with production.
  • Do not remove any cover or guard until the power at the main disconnect is switched off and locked out.
  • Turn off and lock out power at the main disconnect before cleaning and maintenance.
  • Only qualified and knowledgeable technicians should be allowed to work on or fix the unit.
  • Always have an appropriate fire extinguisher easily accessible (check your local ordinances).

By paying close attention to these tips and familiarizing yourself and your employees with the proper operation of your flash cure, you’ll go a long way toward keeping everyone in your shop safe. You’ll also keep your flash cure working smoothly for years to come and save money and time on repairs and replacing damaged pallets and garments. For more ideas on how to operate your flash cure effectively, check out our blog post:

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