INFINITY Oval Screen Printing Machine

The all-servo Infinity is the industry’s most advanced and capable automatic oval screen printing machine.

Maximum Print Area: 23” x 31” (XL+) up to 36” x 49” (4XL).
Screen printing machine available in configurations of:
16 stations/10 colors (max) up to 48 stations/42 colors (max)

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Payment estimate based on INFINITY 16/10, 60 month term. Payments may vary based on your credit. Pricing outside the USA may vary.


Introducing the newest addition to Anatol’s industry-leading lineup of automatic screen printing presses: INFINITY

The fully-servo INFINITY automatic oval press will boost your productivity, give you precise control over all printing parameters and take your business to the next level!

Anatol’s team of engineers, working in coordination with screen printing companies from around the world, set their decades of experience to work with the goal of designing the industry’s most capable and reliable oval screen printing machine. Incorporating many of the advances refined in our industry-leading fully-servo VOLT carousel press, we are proud to introduce INFINITY: the world’s first and only fully-servo oval automatic screen printing machine.

  • Fully servo-electric machine. No air compressor required.
  • Touchscreen control panels on each print head for fast and easy job setup.
  • Independent, servo-driven print head elevation.
  • Central control panel with 21” LCD touchscreen display.
  • Intuitive ARIES operating system for full control over all machine parameters.
  • Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning.
  • Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, squeegee pressure and angle, print stroke length, number of strokes and more.
  • The squeegee angle adjustment does not affect squeegee height.
  • High quality, durable steel construction.

All-servo automatic oval screen printing press

Standard features

Print Heads
  • The Infinity’s servo-driven print heads are the most advanced, precise and reliable in the industry.
  • Servo print heads offer expanded capabilities and unique features you can’t find on any other screen printing machine.
  • Adjust your squeegee pressure digitally with the touch of a button, and even set different pressures for each stroke when printing multiple strokes.
  • Set your print stroke length digitally – no proximity sensors required.
  • Take full control over your print head settings right from the touchscreen control panels at the end of each print head.
  • “Smart” servo motors allow you to save and recall all print head settings for quick setups when printing repeat or regular orders.
  • Servo motors provide maximum smoothness and consistency for ultimate print quality.
  • When you’ve entered your desired print head settings, you can quickly copy them to all print heads so you’re ready for production.
Touchscreen Controls
  • Anatol’s Infinity oval screen printing machine is equipped with a big, full-color 21” touchscreen control panel powered by our exclusive Aries operating system.
  • Program print head settings individually – like number of print strokes, print speed, print stroke length and squeegee pressure, and many more – or copy the print head settings to all heads simultaneously.
  • Connect the Infinity to Wi-Fi and receive automatic email reports with production statistics, easily check for and install software updates, and quickly connect with Anatol Service for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Aries combines extreme robustness with ultimate user-friendliness, so you can get the absolute most out of your Infinity with maximum speed and minimum learning curve.
  • Designed to give you full control over all your printing parameters in an intuitive, accessible format, Anatol’s Aries OS is as easy to use as a smartphone.
  • View real time print count and speed, receive automatic maintenance reminders, and save all machine parameters and quickly recall them for repeat or regular print jobs
  • Includes a set of Anatol’s durable rubber-coated, solid aluminum pallets.
  • Pallets are available in a wide variety of sizes, and custom and specialty pallets are also available to accommodate a range of different applications.
  • Specialty pallets include sleeve, double sleeve, youth, hold-down, over-sized, all-over and more.
  • Load and change out the pallets quickly and easily with our tool-less, Slide Style pallet bracket that allows for location adjustments in and out.
  • Honeycomb-style pallets are also available as an option.
Control Panel
  • Shorten your setup time and execute test prints easily with the handy touchscreen control panels found at the end of each print head.
  • Enable Index Here to bring a shirt directly to your chosen print head for test printing. Set your print stroke length digitally with independent front and rear stroke limits. Adjust your squeegee pressure digitally, and even program different squeegee pressures for each print stroke when printing multiple strokes on that print head.
  • Set your print and flood speed independently, program your desired number of print strokes, switch between Water-Based and Plastisol printing modes, and copy your desired settings to all heads. When an Anatol flash cure unit is connected, you can also program all your flash settings and test your flash right from the print head touchscreen control panel.
  • Precise three-point micro-registration controls.
  • Front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational movement.
  • Precise control of pallet position +/- .001”
  • Provides smooth indexing with superior print consistency, even at the highest production volumes.
  • Index direction: clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Tool-less Adjustment
  • Mechanical individual-head front and rear off-contact adjustments.
  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments.
  • Digital squeegee pressure adjustment from the touchscreen keypads.
  • Digital print stroke length adjustment with independent front and rear stroke limits.
  • Speed Clamps, one-touch mechanical screen locks.
  • The Infinity is built on a heavy-duty rolled steel frame for maximum strength and durability.
  • Industrial-grade steel construction supports smooth, vibration-free printing at even the highest production speeds and volumes.
Safety Systems
  • The Infinity includes safety bars around the loading and unloading stations, as well as a safety cable system that runs the length of the machine.
  • When the safety system is triggered, the machine will immediately stop all movement of the pallets and print heads, protecting operators from injury.
Laser Alignment System
  • Laser alignment system standard for quick and easy apparel alignment
  • Two laser alignment systems included, one on either end of the machine.
  • Each laser alignment system includes four independently-adjustable straight red lasers.

Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+7m 12,5cm23Ft 5In8m 8,5cm26Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL8m 48,5cm27Ft 11In10m 63cm34Ft 11In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL10m 83cm35Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL12m 29cm40Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+8m 75cm28Ft 10In9m 99cm32Ft 10In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL10m 39cm34Ft 2In13m 7cm42Ft 11In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL13m 27cm43Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL15m 3,5cm49Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+10m 37,5cm34Ft 2In11m 89,5cm39Ft 2In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL12m 29,5cm40Ft 5In15m 51cm50Ft 11In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL15m 71cm51Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL17m 78cm58Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+13m 62,5cm44Ft 10In15m 70,5cm51Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL16m 10,5cm52Ft 11In20m 39cm66Ft 11In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL20m 59cm67Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL23m 27cm76Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+15m 25cm50Ft 2In17m 61cm57Ft 10In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL18m 1cm59Ft 2In22m 83cm74Ft 12In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL23m 3cm75Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL26m 1,5cm85Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+16m 87,5cm55Ft 5In19m 51,5cm64Ft 2In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL19m 91,5cm65Ft 5In25m 27cm82Ft 12In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL25m 47cm83Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL28m 76cm94Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+18m 50cm60Ft 9In21m 42cm70Ft 4In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL21m 82cm71Ft 8In27m 71cm90Ft 12In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL27m 91cm91Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL31m 50,5cm103Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft
Total length (m/Ft-In)Total
height (m/Ft-In)
Total width
XL+20m 12,5cm66Ft 2In23m 32,5cm76Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In3m 65cm12Ft
2XL23m 72,5cm77Ft 11In30m 15cm98Ft 12In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 19cm13Ft 6In
3XL30m 35cm99Ft 8In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 25cm14Ft
4XL34m 25cm112Ft 5In1m 78cm5Ft 11In4m 55cm15Ft

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