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“Our focus has been to offer our customers complete design and graphic development services. There are a lot of silk-screening operations here in Southern California, but most without real clear structures. Here at Cali Stitches, we are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with our customers from our email response system to our customer-relations software. It’s all about reducing problems and ensuring complete customer satisfaction by being more of a professional business. The addition of new and advanced technology and machinery improved our responsiveness to customer demands, as well as differentiating us from other companies. We’ve invested in the best technology to produce the best products for our clients.

I liked the idea of the Volt’s registration being controlled by a servo indexer rather than by a pneumatic indexing system. With the servo we don’t have to worry about registration issues so we’re able to ensure proper registration on every job. The Volt is a beautiful machine with a lot of great features we really appreciate, like the 15-inch touch-screen controls. It has shown our clients that we are investing in the best screen printing technology to ensure the best outcomes for them. It ensures them that they will receive the best screen printing available.”

Steve FarrellCali Stitches

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