Conveyor Dryers

Don’t underestimate the importance of the right screen printing conveyor dryer when it comes to keeping your print quality and production volume as high as possible. You can only print as fast as you can cure, which is why we manufacture efficient conveyor dryers to fit screen printing shops of all sizes – from small home-based businesses to the largest industrial textile printing facilities, and all shops in between. With so many options available, Anatol has the right conveyor dryers to match your screen printing press’s capacity and keep you from struggling with costly bottlenecks in production. Curing all types of ink is easy and efficient with our advanced dryers designed to help you cure quickly and thoroughly.

Advantages of Anatol Screen Printing Conveyor Dryers

Whether you’re looking for a gas or electric screen printing conveyor dryer, Anatol has you covered. Our Solutions electric conveyor dryers are built with ceramic heating elements instead of infrared panels like our competitors, to give you truly even heat all the way across the heat chamber. Our Vulcan and Vulcan II Modular gas conveyor dryers feature advanced air-flow technology to help you cure all types of ink, including water-based and discharge. All Anatol dryers are built for maximum reliability and ease of use, with touchscreen operation giving you full control over all dryer settings, including temperature and belt speed. No matter what your curing requirements, Anatol has the conveyor dryer for you.

Looking for a flash dryer? Check out our Flash Cure Units section and choose one.

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