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When the Buhr family acquired the 20-year-old Midwest Graphics & Awards in 2013, they inherited a recently purchased Anatol Titan.

“That thing has been a warrior,” president Jamie Buhr said of the Titan. “I think the Titan is a great machine, and it’s been nothing but an asset for us.”

So when Buhr wanted to expand the color offerings in his Dexter, Michigan shop in 2013, he was encouraged to shop Anatol again.

“Based on how the Titan was working for us and through our conversation with Anatol, we were sold on the Horizon,” Buhr explained.

It was easy to take the advice of Anatol’s knowledgeable sales staff, Buhr added, because he has had nothing but positive exchanges with Anatol representatives.

There’s a trust factor in terms of who we deal with. People-wise, they’re just my kind of people,” Buhr said of Anatol. “Whoever I deal with, I feel like I can trust them.”

Having both presses set up in Midwest’s 6,000-square-foot shop – which also features embroidery machines, a laser engraver and a sandblasting machine – has allowed Midwest to keep up with production. The Titan is generally set up for youth-sized printing and sleeve prints, while the majority of projects go through the Horizon. Both machines run projects simultaneously when needed.

Buhr stated he’s glad to have upgraded to the Horizon, as it has allowed Midwest to print in more colors and has kept Midwest’s eight employees from having to switch out plates for different projects.

On top of that, the Horizon’s digital interface is easy to use, and like the Titan, the Horizon consistently delivers quality prints. And other than routine maintenance, Midwest has never had a problem with either machine being out of commission or in need of repairs.

Buhr said he would be quick to recommend Anatol’s printers to other shops.

“Both of them have been great,” Buhr added. “There’s something to be said about a machine you can count on that delivers a quality print, and you like dealing with the people both in terms of service and in sales.”

Jamie Buhr
Midwest Graphics & Awards
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