Pre-Press Equipment

The performance of your pre-press equipment is vital to the success of your screen printing operation. After all, in screen printing, there’s a lot that has to be done before ink meets t-shirt. The quality of your final screen prints doesn’t just depend on your screen printing press, it hinges on everything that takes place in your art and screen department as well. Whether you’re looking for an easier way to prepare your screen printing ink, a quicker way to register your print jobs, a faster and more efficient way of exposing your screens, or more solutions to save time and money in your shop, Anatol has the equipment to meet your needs.

More about Anatol Pre-Press Equipment

Anatol Equipment is committed to manufacturing the highest quality screen printing gear to give your business the best results, and when it comes to pre-press equipment, we’ve got you covered! From our quick and efficient Aurora UV LED exposure units to our Formulator ink mixer, ARME registration system and more, Anatol pre-press gear is built to help you speed up your setup times and boost the quality of your screen prints. Our pre-press equipment is among the most energy efficient and technologically advanced options available, all designed with the end goal of helping solve your biggest screen printing headaches. If your pre-press department isn’t operating as smoothly as it could be, we’d love to discuss the right equipment to help you get the job done right. And don’t forget about Screen Printing Accessories.

Посмотрите нашу полную линейку продуктов

Прессы для печати

  • Автоматические прессы
  • Ручные прессы
  • Специальные автоматические прессы

Конвейерные сушилки

  • Электрическая сушилка ULTRA
  • SOLUTIONS ленточная сушилка для шелкографии
  • VULCAN сушащий тоннель

Межоперационные сушилки

  • Comet Light – межоперационная сушилка с кварцевыми лампами
  • Pilot Flash – межоперационная сушилка с кварцевыми лампами
  • Межоперационная сушилка Rapid Wave

Подготовка к печати

  • AURORA UV LED экспозитор для сит
  • Cube – Камера для сушки экранов
  • Миксеp для красок Formulator


  • Паллеты для трафаретной печати
  • Big Forge – линейный тепловой пресс
  • Модуль охлаждающего вентилятора
  • Cтойка для скринов
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