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How to Optimize Your Exposure Time

How to Optimize Your Exposure Time to Create Durable Screen Printing Stencils

There are a lot of variables that go into exposing a screen for screen printing. The opacity of your film positive, your emulsion, the type of exposure unit you’re using and even the age of your exposure unit all will affect the amount of time you need to expose your screens and the success of your stencil.

Creating Quality Screen Printing

Creating Quality Screen Printing Stencils with the Right Emulsion and Proper Coating

Before you can create high quality prints, you have to create high quality stencils. However, this is often easier said than done. There are many, many variables that go into creating the right stencil for the job, and some of these factors are easy to overlook. First, you need to right emulsion, then you need to apply it correctly.

A Guide to Screen Printing Color Separations

A Guide to Screen Printing Color Separations

For many screen printers, dealing with color separations presents on ongoing battle. From understanding the different types of color separations and knowing when to use them to knowing how to troubleshoot tricky separations, many screen printers struggle to consistently produce successful color separations. From basics to overcoming obstacles, here is our guide to screen printing color separations.

How RIP Software Can

How RIP Software Can Improve Your Screen Printing Results

Most screen prints involve laying down simple designs with finite borders, one color at a time. But every screen printer has to deal with more complex prints from time to time, whether it’s a four-color process job or a print with gradient tones for special effects.

How to Take Advantage

How to Take Advantage of Clipart for Screen Printing

In screen printing, as in most businesses, the faster you can get your work done, the more jobs you can take on and the more money you stand to make. One common bottleneck in the screen printing shop comes in art creation.

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