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10 Essential Elements

10 Essential Elements Your Screen Printing Shop’s Website Should Include

Planning out a website for your screen printing shop can be overwhelming. You know how crucial an attractive, effective website is in helping people find your screen printing business online and then encouraging them to do business with you. To create that effective website, there are certain elements your website should have to make it […]

The Top 5 Steps You Should Be Taking

The Top 5 Steps You Should Be Taking to Keep Your Screen Printing Business’s Website Up to Date

In a previous blog post, we explained why its crucial to keep the website for your screen printing business up to date, as a way to appeal to existing or prospective customers, increase your search engine rankings and keep your website secure. But knowing why it’s important to update your website isn’t the same as […]

Digital Housekeeping

Digital Housekeeping: The Importance of Maintaining Your Screen Printing Business’s Website

When was the last time you updated your screen printing business’s website? Best practices used to dictate that a website required an overhaul once every three to four years, but now experts are recommending annual website updates. And that doesn’t count refreshing your website with new and relevant content, which you should be doing on […]

Vacation Decoration

Vacation Decoration: Screen Printing for the Resort and Hospitality Markets

The travel and hospitality industries are always booming, and where people are vacationing, touring, eating and drinking, they’re buying t-shirts, bags, glasses and more customized with their destination’s logo. Nearly every locale has destination spots, whether you’re in a tourism hot spot or located near a local amusement park, microbrewery or annual music festival site. For screen printers, that means the hospitality and tourism markets provide ample business opportunities. Once you’ve located local tourist hot spots, there are a few strategies you can use to successfully pitch your products to potential clients.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Screen Printing Business’s Email Marketing

In today’s digital world, email marketing is a must for businesses large and small – and screen printing businesses are no exception. Email marketing is quick, easy, affordable and measurable, making it an invaluable addition to your existing marketing efforts. Sending out regular emails that your target market finds interesting and valuable is a great way to stay at the front of your customers’ minds and give your sales a boost.

Taking Advantage

Taking Advantage of Visual Social Media to Market Your Screen Printing Business

In the digital age, marketing is constantly evolving. You probably know the importance of social media marketing for your business. At this point, every business must have a well-established Facebook page, at a minimum. But as Facebook has become a mainstay, the social media marketing audience is migrating, this time to visual social media.

Smart Strategies for Optimizing Your Screen Printing Business's

Smart Strategies for Optimizing Your Screen Printing Business’s #1 Marketing Tool

From the traditional to the digital, you have an arsenal of marketing tools at your disposal. The reality, however, is that your biggest marketing tool is also one of the most basic elements of your business: Your website.

Why Your Screen Printing Business Needs a Content Marketing

Why Your Screen Printing Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

People have become accustomed to a constant barrage of internet advertising, from spam in their email inboxes to “sponsored” social media posts to banner and pop-up ads on every website. With such information overload, people have also become accustomed to tuning out all of that extraneous information.

Promoting Your Screen Printing Business

Promoting Your Screen Printing Business: The Importance of Traditional Marketing

As a small business owner, you may struggle to decide where to allocate a limited marketing budget, thinking it will only cover either digital or traditional marketing, not both. Which is right for you?

Increase Your Screen Printing Business's

Increase Your Screen Printing Business’s Visibility with Social Media Marketing

Once dismissed as a fad, social media marketing now should be an integral part of any small business’s marketing strategy. Through social media, businesses can connect with existing and potential customers and tailor marketing messages to their target customers.

How to Effectively Market Your Screen

How to Effectively Market Your Screen Printing Business Online

You likely went into the screen printing business because you enjoy designing and printing – marketing probably wasn’t a skillset that was on your mind. But without effective marketing, your business can’t succeed. Your potential customers need to know who you are and understand why they should be doing business with you.

6 Steps to Marketing Your Screen Printed Apparel to Schools

6 Steps to Marketing Your Screen Printed Apparel to Schools

Schools can bring a lot of business to your screen printing shop, from team uniforms and warm-up gear to student uniforms and school “spirit wear”. If you can contract with a school, or a school’s supporting organizations, you can find a steady flow of work for your screen printing shop.

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