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ноябрь 6th, 2017

Loading shirts onto the screen printing press the right way — that is, with the shirt straight and properly positioned for the print — can be a challenge, especially for novice screen printers. Screen printers have to master the skill of loading shirts the right way. Your press-loading technique impacts how quickly you can print, as well as the amount of discarded prints you’ll have due to crooked or off-center prints.

октября 26th, 2017

If you have mastered printing on sweatshirts, t-shirts and polos, it’s time to consider what other items you could offer to help expand your screen printing business. Screen printed sweatpants, yoga pants and athletic pants are perennial favorites for athletic teams and clubs, and as spirit wear and promotional items.

май 11th, 2017

“Green” living has gone beyond a fad and become a part of the modern fabric. While there have been garment brands offering environmentally friendly apparel – and screen printing shops specializing in green printing – for decades, eco-friendly clothing has gone mainstream.

февраль 24th, 2017

Athletic apparel, primarily team jerseys and workout gear, has long been the bread and butter of screen printing shops. With “performance” fabrics, favored for their lightweight feel and quick-drying properties, becoming more and more popular for weekend athletes and everyday wear, screen printers are seeing more and more requests for use of these fabrics.

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