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Март 23rd, 2017

As a screen printer, the last thing you want is an unhappy customer wanting to return items. In another blog post, we shared some tips on how to keep your plastisol prints from washing out. Those tips will go a long way towards keeping your prints vibrant and making them last, but there’s another issue you may run into: dye migration.

Март 21st, 2017

A screen printing shop can accumulate a lot of ink. Storing that ink can prove a challenge, and often shops will simply look for a quick and convenient spot in which to store their inks. It’s important to put more thought and consideration into your ink storage, however.

Март 16th, 2017

Samples are a staple for marketing your screen printing business, attracting customers and nabbing new orders. However, there’s a fine line between samples increasing your business and overdoing samples and eroding profits.

Март 15th, 2017

As a screen printer, some of your daily operation is sure to include creating artwork for customers. Keeping as much of the screen printing process as possible under your control is the key to getting good results – you have plenty of variables to deal with. However, your clients will often want to provide the artwork for their orders themselves. If your customers know what they’re doing, this can save you some time. But more often than not it can cause a big headache.

Март 13th, 2017

No matter the reason – customer demand, a desire to cut costs and waste, or a sense of personal responsibility – more and more businesses are doing what they can to lessen their environmental impact. When it comes to the eco-friendly trend, the screen printing industry is no exception.

Март 8th, 2017

Screen printing involves so many different variables, it can be difficult to make sure you’re getting good results every time. Some issues may not even show up until after you’ve delivered the garments to the customer. It’s not always easy, but in order to keep your customers happy you must make every effort to control the quality of your prints.

Март 6th, 2017

When it comes to screen frames, there are loyalists in all camps. Some screen printers love the old-school feel, low price and sustainability of wood. Others rely on the light, sturdy technology of aluminum frames, and still others swear by the control and print crispness that come with retensionable screens.

Март 1st, 2017

Have you noticed an overreliance on your flash cure is slowing down your production? A flash cure can be a helpful tool or it can be a waste of time; you have to know when it’s necessary and when it isn’t.

январь 31st, 2017

Now that you understand the different types of screen printing emulsions and have selected the right emulsion for your shop, it’s time to talk about using those emulsions the right way to prepare your screens for a successful print run.

январь 27th, 2017

A quality screen print requires a quality stencil. That means using the right screen printing emulsion for your job. So what types of screen printing emulsions are there? How are they different? How do you determine which type of emulsion to use?

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