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Mayo 1st, 2019
5 Tips for Screen Printing on Long Sleeves and Pant Legs

Screen printing on short sleeves, down the arm of a long-sleeve shirt or down the leg of sweatpants or yoga pants can be a fun option for your screen printing customers to customize their apparel. This type of screen printing is perfectly attainable and relatively easy, though it does take a few tips and tricks […]

febrero 20th, 2019

January and February tend to bring a lull in the screen printing business, following the busy holiday season. With your screen printing equipment quieting down, this time of year offers the perfect opportunity to consider the screen printing and garment decoration trends for the year ahead. This way, you will be ready to meet customers’ […]

diciembre 28th, 2017

Tri-blend shirts have become a major force in the fashion industry since their introduction a decade ago. In the custom apparel industry, tri-blend fabrics have become a customer favorite. But these blended garments present their unique blend of decorating challenges. To be able to profit from the popularity of tri-blend garments, screen printers have to know how best to print on them.

diciembre 19th, 2017

Would you like to decrease profit loss in your screen printing shop? Who wouldn’t! While there are limits on what you can do to reduce costs, one area you do have control over is quality control. In specific, you can save money and cut waste by reducing misprints.

septiembre 19th, 2017

To order the right garments for your screen printing shop, you have to understand different fabrics. While our previous blog post provides a primer on general fabric basics, there’s one type of fabric that warrants its own discussion: fleece.

septiembre 18th, 2017

Any screen printer who sets out to find a basic t-shirt to use as a go-to substrate will quickly be faced with the reality of garment selection: there is no such thing as a basic t-shirt.

agosto 9th, 2017

For what seems like all of screen printing’s history, screen printers have laid down their art on basic cotton shirts. While basic cotton still might be the industry standard, there are countless shirt options available for screen printing.

julio 20th, 2017

Hoodies — whether pullover, quarter zips or full zips — are perennial favorites when it comes to screen printing garments. And while screen printed sweatshirts, jackets and fleeces are ubiquitous, that’s not to say that the garments are easy to screen print.

junio 12th, 2017

The quality of your screen prints doesn’t matter if you’re not showcasing your products in an attractive way to your clients and potential clients.

marzo 3rd, 2017

Screen printing customers love fleece, whether it’s hoodies for a school team or a trendy zip-up with a great art print. Screen printers’ affection for fleece, however, tends to be a little more limited. Getting good results on fleece can be a challenge, and a misprint can be a costly mistake because of the much higher cost of fleece garments compared to t-shirts.

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