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enero 2nd, 2018

For screen printers, team apparel can generate big business. From local school sports teams to rec leagues to local colleges and universities, there’s plenty of business to be had. Contracting with a team can result in repeat business, year after year, and it brings more than just jerseys: Think  warm-up gear, hats, team jackets and fan apparel. So if your screen printing shop isn’t already churning out team apparel, it’s something you should be looking into.

diciembre 28th, 2017

Tri-blend shirts have become a major force in the fashion industry since their introduction a decade ago. In the custom apparel industry, tri-blend fabrics have become a customer favorite. But these blended garments present their unique blend of decorating challenges. To be able to profit from the popularity of tri-blend garments, screen printers have to know how best to print on them.

diciembre 19th, 2017

Would you like to decrease profit loss in your screen printing shop? Who wouldn’t! While there are limits on what you can do to reduce costs, one area you do have control over is quality control. In specific, you can save money and cut waste by reducing misprints.

diciembre 15th, 2017

Operating a small apparel decorating business today presents a multitude of choices and dilemmas. It means running your operation in an era where there have never been more opportunities and challenges. If you’re an established shop owner, you may be anxious to see your business grow. However, first you need to determine whether you’re ready for growth.

diciembre 14th, 2017

Have you ever felt a soft, velvet-like screen print and wondered how the image was created? Flock printing, or flocking, creates a unique, soft texture on garments, cardstock and even on car interiors.

noviembre 17th, 2017

Before you can create high quality prints, you have to create high quality stencils. However, this is often easier said than done. There are many, many variables that go into creating the right stencil for the job, and some of these factors are easy to overlook. First, you need to right emulsion, then you need to apply it correctly.

noviembre 13th, 2017

Nearly all printers begin with simple, color-blocked prints, laying down one to three colors at a time. While there’s certainly plenty of money to be made, and plenty of designs to be made, by printing spot colors, many screen printers look to advance their skills and try new techniques.

noviembre 10th, 2017

Designing artwork for screen printing is not always a straightforward job. In order to create a great-looking print, you need art that’s up to the task. Making an effort to use vector images whenever possible can help keep you avoid some headaches throughout the screen printing process.

noviembre 8th, 2017

Every winter — when the moisture in the air drops outside and furnaces further dry the indoor air — static electricity abounds. Unfortunately for printers, print shops create the perfect environment for the generation of static electricity.

noviembre 6th, 2017

Loading shirts onto the screen printing press the right way — that is, with the shirt straight and properly positioned for the print — can be a challenge, especially for novice screen printers. Screen printers have to master the skill of loading shirts the right way. Your press-loading technique impacts how quickly you can print, as well as the amount of discarded prints you’ll have due to crooked or off-center prints.

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