Quick Exhaust Valve

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Quick Exhaust Valve


  • ID: # 23367
  • Part Number: S924A0000227
  • Location on the machine: print head
  • Used for: Horizon, Vindicator

Quick exhaust

This Quick Exhaust valve is able to accommodate very high air flow, given its light weight and miniature body. Thanks to the uniquely small size, the quick exhaust valve saves space for other important components of air-operated machinery. It has two built-in push-in connectors designed to fit in 6mm polyurethane air lines.

Quick exhaust valve on your Anatol equipment:

Anatol installs these valves on their automatic, air-powered screen printing presses inside each print head. The plastic quick exhaust valve is a replacement for quick exhaust G1/4.

Key features:

  • Push-in fittings make it easy to install
  • Built-in silencer
  • Proof pressure: 1.5MPa

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