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Meet the VOLTS

Just plug it in and print...consistently. How easy!

Go Home Before Dark

Go Home Before Dark

Upgrade to a VOLT S quiet, fully electric, automatic screen printing machine and your only regret will be not doing it sooner! Simple screen printing press design makes textile and t-shirt screen printing faster and easier. Before you know it, you'll be locking the shop doors hours earlier.
WIN Bigger Screen Printing Projects

WIN Bigger Screen Printing Projects

The VOLT M screen printing machine let's you print with flawless registration and more precision in faster time. You'll see quality and productivity increases way beyond your imagined goal. You'll soon be known as the quality screen printing shop that will help land you bigger projects.
Spend Weekends Away From the Shop

Spend Weekends Away From the Shop

Weekends are made for fun, not work! Your screen printing equipment can slow you down and cause delays. More parts = more problems. When you’re running your screen printing press to full potential you risk repairs. With a VOLT L or XL, there’s less parts and more assurance that your screen printing press can meet demand.
The VOLT is helping your competitors save money and make more profit. Download our free white paper and find out how.


Looking for your dream screen printing press? Or maybe you just need a screen printing machine that fits in tight spaces and still has the right number of print heads. Here's an interactive way to find that press quickly. Click the button and let’s get started!

More of the Anatol Screen Printing Equipment Lineup

    • How to Keep Up with Your Screen Printing Shop's Customer Demand

      Every print shop longs for a full schedule that keeps the presses running and revenue flowing. Keeping that full schedule isn’t only about hustling to find new customers and generate orders. A busy shop also requires efficiency to keep up with customer demand and keep production rolling. A big part of success in the screen printing business has to do with organizing your shop to run efficiently, churning out quality prints in a timeframe that keeps your customers happy and allows you to move quickly to the next project.
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    • How to Hire and Retain the Best Employees in Your Screen Printing Shop

      Most screen printers who open their own shops don’t come from a management background, and the hiring and retaining of good employees can be one of the most intimidating aspects of owning and operating your own business. Hiring the wrong people or facing constant turnover can damage your business, and it can cost you time and money. Fortunately, focusing on some hiring and retention best practices will help you build and keep a quality staff at your print shop.
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    • Expanding Your Screen Printing Horizons with Hats and Posters

      When you think of screen printed products, shirts are probably the first item that comes to mind. But you definitely shouldn’t stop there! There’s a whole world of different materials waiting to be screen printed, and expanding your offerings will help you attract new customers and keep old ones coming back for more. Have you considered screen printing on hats? Or getting away from wearables entirely and trying your hand at poster printing?
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    • ISS Atlantic City 2017

      ISS Atlantic City 2017

      March 23-25, 2017
      Booth 1339
      Atlantic City Convention Center
      One Convention Blvd
      Atlantic City, NJ 08401
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