AC Drive Mitsubishi 0.37kW

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AC Drive Mitsubishi 0.37kW


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  • ID: # 22252
  • Part Number: 4040017
  • Location: Print head
  • Used for: Horizon, Stratus, Volt

AC Drive Mitsubishi 0.37kW description

Very powerful and reliable Mitsubishi Automation AC Frequency Inverter for 0.37kW. It is made to control the speed of a standard three phase AC induction motor.

Anatol Equipment installed the AC Drive at the end of a screen printing head under a cube red cover. It is responsible for speed control of the printing carriage and squeegee and floodbar move.

The Drive needs to be programmed by a qualified Anatol Equipment technician either on a PC or from the keypad that the drive is equipped with.

Key features:

  • Programmable from the drive’s keypad
  • Speed control
  • Used for 3phase induction motor

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